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Three people arrested for theft in Sol de Mallorca


Monday 18th September 2017



They had rented two vans in their name to transport mattresses, furniture, sinks, shower enclosures, and air conditioners and heaters.

The owner caught them in fraganti and faced one of the thieves

The Local Police of Calvià has arrested two men and a woman for an alleged crime of robbery with force and violence inside a villa of Sol de Mallorca that took place yesterday afternoon. The owner received a blow to the head as he struggled with one of the intruders. After starting a car chase, they were arrested on the motorway at the level of Costa d'en Blanes.

The thieves, aged 36-38, had purchased two large vans filled with empty boxes allegedly to steal the chalet's furniture and appliances. The individuals accessed the house by leveraging the edge and frame, and with a toolbox they began to dismantle some appliances such as air the conditioning unit or bath enclosures.

The owner and his young son arrived at the villa at 6.50 p.m. yesterday, where they do not currently live, to control that nothing had happened, as only two weeks ago the house was broken into.

Due to the heavy rains, the access through the garden was muddy and the owner noticed footprints on the ground. The son stayed in the car, while the house owner entered the villa and saw a man and a woman. When he asked them what they were doing in the house, the thieves escaped. However, the intruder re-entered the villa to pick up a backpack and struggled with the owner, whom he pushed bumping his head on the ground. 

After the incident inside the villa, the owner notified the Local Police of Calvià and left after the criminals with his private car in direction to Cala Figuera. The victim from his car was reporting the facts by telephone to the Local Police of Calvià - he even recorded several testimonial videos with the mobile phone - and reported that the escapees made a change of direction towards Palma. Three patrols of the Local Police of Calvià joined the persecution and were able to intercept them at 9 p.m. in Costa d'en Blanes. 

The Local Police of Calvià immediately arrested the persecuted, who were transferred to the Civil Guard, in charge of carrying out the appropriate investigations.