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I Childhood Municipal Council has been established


 Tuesday 21st November 2017


On the occasion of Universal Children's Day, Calvià has also organised a day of children's literature aimed at host families in Mallorca


On the occasion of 20N, Universal Children's Day, Calvià Town Hall held the foundation ceremony of I Childhood Municipal Council. This new municipal body aims to be a meeting place where children of 10 and 11 years old meet to reflect, debate and make proposals on aspects they consider necessary to improve the living conditions in their own neighbourhood, in their school and in the municipality. Through the Childhood's Council, it wants to guarantee a participatory space in which children can exercise their civil and citizen rights, expressing their rights, their opinions, concerns, needs and expectations.

The foundation ceremony was held in the Plenary Hall and was chaired by the Mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, with the attendance of members of the Consistory, as well as the head of UNICEF Balears, Mercedes del Pozo, and the UNICEF member, Javier Bustamante, along with the director of the Defence of Children's Rights Office, Serafin Carballo. The tutors and directors of the participating CEIPs, relatives of the Council's advisers and members of the Childhood and Adolescence Table also attended the establishment of the Childhood's Municipal Council.

In the event, the Mayor wanted to thank the 11 primary schools of the municipality, especially the management teams and tutors of 5th grade, their participation in the project facilitating the development of child participation workshops in the classrooms. He also thanked the families for their involvement, and the 18 boys and 18 girls who have been chosen by their class to be spokespersons for the children.

The first mission that these young counselors will have is to analyse the degree of compliance with the children's rights in the municipality. Through socio-educational workshops in the classrooms and Council meetings they can reflect on rights, debate them, interpret them, share them, disseminate them, demand them, respect them, exercise them, monitor their compliance, denounce non-compliance, claim them and, if necessary, expand them. 

Children's Literature Day addressed to the host families of Mallorca

Another of the activities carried out in Calvià, on the occasion of Universal Children's Day, was a Children's Literature Day addressed to the host families of Mallorca, organised by the Town Hall and the IMAS, and which was attended last Saturday by the Mayor and the deputy mayor for Social Cohesion and Equality, Nati Francés.

The focal point of the Day were the children's illustrated stories and albums; and a series of activities for families was held, such as an Eusebia Rayó conference addressed to parents, a craft workshop and a musical Storytelling by Arantxa Riera.

A total of 70 parents and 36 children from Calvià and from other municipalities of the island participated in the Day, which took place at the Cas Català-Illetes-Bendinat Library.