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The project of 88 VPO for Magaluf progresses


 Thursday 7th December 2017


The construction of the houses to be located in s'Olivera avenue in Magaluf is planned to begin in the second semester of 2018

It is the first subsidised housing promotion to be projected in Calvià in nine years

The project presented by the architects Adrián Talens and Itziar Lafuente has been the winner of the ideas competition for the construction of 88 public protection homes in Magaluf. With the resolution of the ideas contest, the joint proposal of Calvià Town Hall and the Regional Ministry's Department of Territory, Energy and Mobility for the construction of the houses, which is scheduled to begin in the second semester of 2018, is progressing.

Once the ideas competition has been resolved, the winning team will draft the project on which the bidding of the works will take place.

The jury, chaired by Eduard Vila, general director of Architecture and Housing and vice-president of IBAVI, was also composed of the general director of Urbanism, Housing and Environment of Calvià Town Hall, Jaume Carbonero; the manager of IBAVI, Maria Antònia Garcias; technicians of the IBAVI and Calvià Town Hall; and representatives of the Official College of Architects of the Balearic Islands (COIB), amongst others who met on 1st December to choose the best projects for the 88 subsidised housing that will be carried out in s'Olivera Avenue in Magaluf. The winning project was presented under the motto Deconstrucció. 

The contest is the result of an agreement signed last July between IBAVI and Calvià Town Hall. The ownership of the lands on which the construction of the subsidised housing will be developed is mixed: the Town Hall and the IBAVI have an area of 2.147 m2 of buildable land, respectively, for the construction of 24 and 24 homes. In addition, there is an area of 2,863.20 m2 for 40 public housing of indirect management for competition between promoting entities, as established by legislation. The rest of the sector is privately owned. In total, it is planned the construction of 168 homes on s'Olivera avenue in Magaluf, of which 88 will be social housing and the remaining 80 will be private.

The technical terms and conditions of the contest included the fulfillment of quantifiable indicators in terms of energy efficiency, water consumption, waste reduction and reduction of CO2 emissions during the execution of the works, and the design of innovative proposals has been favoured in all these fields.

In total, 31 proposals were submitted and 1 first prize and 2 mentions were awarded. 

Technical characteristics of the winning work


The jury highlighted the following characteristics of the winning idea (see project in pdf):

It is valued the public green zone of great amplitude in the south facade that improves the connection with the existing green zone, it allows to control the views towards the zone of commercial and leisure establishments, and guarantees the good operation of the South orientation of all the houses, which allows free heating during the winter and save on heating system costs.

Moreover, the organisation of the structures in two heights favours the passage of the wind buffeting between structures (it causes a screen effect if they have the same height) and takes advantage of the unevenness to place the parking without having to dig, which means a great economic saving, in addition to reducing 30% of the CO2 emissions statistics of a conventional building. In addition, the naturally ventilated parking can do without forced ventilation facilities. 

The above savings make possible the cost of the laminated wood structure, which will considerably reduce the execution time in comparison with a conventional structure, improves the compliance of the minimum reduction of CO2 emissions established in the terms and conditions, and ensures the reduction of waste during the works. 

At a typological level, the project takes advantage of the optimal wooden structure centreline to propose flexible spaces without internal hierarchy that allow the modification of uses over time, as well as the alternation of facade gaps. 

All this forms a global strategy that simultaneously solves the programme, the structure, the construction and the energy efficiency, which is the main objective of the technical basis.

In addition, the implementation takes advantage of the direct relationship with the land, so that a large number of homes can enjoy gardens with land on the ground floor, a quality valued in all the awarded projects.

Promoting public housing policies in Calvià

The implementation of this promotion in Calvià is a boost to housing policy, thus responding to a commitment set out in the investiture agreements, after nine years without having projected any public housing promotion in the municipality.

Calvià has three Strategic Land Reserves (two in Magaluf -one of them in Avenida de S'Olivera, which is already underway, and the other in Avenida de Sa Porrassa-, and the third in Unamuno Street in Santa Ponça). These are areas in which the private developer, according to the regulations, must build public protection housing, houses at a controlled price and private housing and; in addition, Calvià Town Hall has, at these land reserves, land plots to develop public protection housing for rent or hire purchase. A total of 1,011 homes will be developed at the Strategic Land Reserves (649 public protection or at an assessed price homes and 362 private homes).

Calvià Town Hall will carry out a planning of the land available to develop protected housing, which in total will involve the execution of 410 future homes (between the municipal plots located at the Strategic Land Reserves and other plots that come from land cessions) and at the areas of Peguera, Santa Ponça, Magaluf and Calvià.