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Talks about feral colonies


 Friday 9th February 2018


Within the framework of the Animal Welfare Ordinance, the Town Hall is carrying out a series of actions aimed at the management and control of cat colonies in the municipality

Within the framework of the measures and actions related to animal welfare, yesterday an informative talk on the management and ethical control of feral colonies was given in the municipality, at Es Generador premises, aimed at volunteers, individuals, professionals and associations involved and / or interested in care of feline colonies.

The aim of the project is to avoid uncontrolled cat colonies, since they can create a focal point of unhealthiness and a health risk and inconveniences for neighbours. For this reason and due to the growing awareness of animals, and the ethical treatment that should be given to them, it has been claimed that the most effective and ethical method for the control of cat colonies is known as CES METHOD (Capture, sterilisation and release in their environment).

Once, in the use of the Town Halls's own powers, the figure of the feral cat and its right to a dignified and healthy life in its own natural space is recognised and regulated in the Animal Welfare Ordinance, and collaborations and support established with the animal protection associations (animal SOS and BALDEA) in the application of the CES method, are strenghthen, the next step is the regulation of the figure of the caretaker or feeder, the registration of the feral colonies in the municipality and informative and educational campaigns to citizenship aimed at promoting respect for all animals.

This meeting has allowed a coordination with the responsible persons and caretakers of feral colonies in the municipality and inform them that feral colony feeders must be registered and authorised for the care of the colonies in compliance with article 8.6 of the Municipal Ordinance of Welfare and tenure of animals that live in the human environment. 

Thus, work continues to ensure the welfare of these feral cats, with all these actions that allow them to receive care, health surveillance and food, giving support to people, organizations and civic entities without profit, to take care of them. In addition, not only security is given to the caretakers and animals of the colonies, but also gives security to people that coexist in the surroundings and to the environment. 

The talk was attended by a total of 25 people and by the councillor responsible for the Environment, Department, Francisca Muñoz. It was taught by Toni Mari, veterinarian specialist in animal welfare, with the aim of providing training and information on the management model of the control of feral cats in Calvià, protocols for action, as well as the rights and duties of volunteers.