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 Meeting to analyse recent cases of people plunged

Monday, 9th July 2018

Meeting to analyse recent cases of people plunged from buildings

Given the concern about the recent cases of people plunged from buildings that have occurred in the last few weeks, mainly in the Punta Ballena area, the Calvià Town Hall called a meeting last Friday to analyse the problem with the different administrations and the hotel sector, in order to collect all possible data and see what more actions can be carried out from the different parties.

At the end of the meeting, the mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, explained the concern expressed by those attending the meeting, who have been working for a long time to improve destinations, ensure safety and "so that those who come, enjoy their holidays and not end up in these unfortunate events".

At the meeting -the mayor said- the focus was put on three fundamental issues: the need to intensify the information and awareness campaigns that are already being carried out through the British Consulate, before and while travelling, and in the destination; continue working so that, together with the Regional Government, both through the health and the tourism laws, the excess of alcohol offers in the all-inclusive hotels packages and aggressive offers of entertainment venues can be controlled; and the confirmation that alcohol is the cause, practically in one hundred percent of these cases, and others such as traffic accidents, fights, etc.

Alfonso Rodríguez Badal explained, in addition, that no other differentiating agent other than alcohol has been detected in this upturn of people plunging from buildings. Likewise, answering journalists questions, he also explained that at the municipal level, regulations have been modified, such as the Promotion of Coexistence Bylaw, or the prohibition of displaying alcoholic beverages pallets on terraces and supermarket shop windows, through the Exterior Aesthetics Bylaw modification, amongst other actions.

The meeting was attended, in addition to the mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, by the deputy mayor for Security, Andreu Serra; the general director for Security of the Calvià Town Hall, José Antonio Fernández; the head of the Communication department, Maria Antònia Ferragut; the general secretary of the Government Delegation, Ramon Morey; the general director for Tourism of the Regional Government, Antoni Sansó; the second British vice consul; the director of Health Assistance of the Servei de Salut (public health system), Anastasio García; the emergency physician of Son Espases hospital, Juan José Segura; the head of the Calvià Local Police, Justino Trenas; the lieutenant colonel of the Civil Guard, Antonio Jesús Orantos; Civil Guard captain, Jesús Álvarez; the president of the Palmanova-Magaluf Hotel Association, Sebastià Darder, and his manageress, Neus Bosch, and the director of BH Hotel.