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Three tourists fined for 'balconing'

Wednesday, 18th July 2018


The last case has taken place this weekend in Magaluf

The Local Police of Calvià, in compliance with the Coexistence Promotion bylaw, has fined three tourists for "balconing" or other similar, that is, when they jump, or try to jump, from a balcony to the pool, or try to move from one balcony to another on the outside of the building. The penalty amount for this behavior ranges from 600 to 1,500 €. According to municipal regulations, this is a serious offence and those responsible are the people who carry it out, as well as those who encourage these behaviours, without this responsibility being extended to the person who owns the establishment or who runs it. Fines for "balconing" are included in the municipal Coexistence Promotion bylaw in Calvià since 2016, and before that they were already included in the repealed Police and Good Government of Calvià bylaw.

Last weekend, specifically on Saturday morning, there was a new case of "balconing" in Magaluf. In total, the number of sanctions this year is three, two during June and one last week. Throughout 2017, three fines were filed for "balconing". These are usually young tourists who have had a lot of alcohol and, unlike in the past, do not try to jump from the tourist establishment to the pool, but try to move from one part of the building to another. It is worth taking into account that, out of the five plunge-deaths that have taken place this year in the municipality of Calvià, four are falls and only in one case it was a person trying to move from one place to another at a high point.