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Crackdown on alcohol sales to minors


Wednesday 8th August 2018


Calvià Local Police officers will apply the Activities Law that also implies an increase in the amount of the fines

The Calvià Town Hall's Activities Commission has decided to sanction more harshly or even close those premises selling alcohol to minors after several complaints filed by the parents of minors affected by alcohol consumption in leisure establishments in Calvià, which shows the need to act more forcefully. Thus, Calvià Town Hall has transferred to the Local Police officers the need to apply the Activities Law regulations to curb drunkenness leisure amongst minors of the municipality.

So far, the sale of alcohol to minors was dealt with the Coexistence Ordinance that states that such behaviour is a very serious offence, punishable with a fine of € 1,500 to € 3,000. However, and with the aggravating circumstance that the sale of alcohol to minors is a practice that occurs throughout the year, it has been decided to fine such behaviour by applying the 7/2013 Activities Law, which states in article 103.2 that "To consume, dispatch or allow the consumption of alcoholic beverages when it is not allowed" is a serious infraction. This act is punishable with a fine ranging from € 1,001 to € 10,000, and may even impose the sanction of activity suspension or the disqualification from working in the profession for a maximum of six months.

The change of criteria regarding the applicable regulations to stop the sale of alcohol to minors will be carried out following strict criteria of proportionality. From now on, Calvià Town Hall will process these files with sanction proposal corresponding to 50% of the sanctions provided in the Activities Law, this is, a maximum fine of € 5,000, accompanied, if necessary, by a proposal to close the establishment for three months. The final objective of Calvià Town Hall is to fight against this public health problem and make protection of minors effective.