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The II Children Council of Calvią is established


 Tuesday 20th November 2018


The president of Unicef Balears welcomes Calvià as Child Friendly City

Coinciding with Universal Children's Day, the II Children Council of the municipality has been constituted today in the Plenary Hall of Calvià Town Hall, in which 30 students from 9 public schools of the municipality have participated. The 30 counsellors have been chosen by the students of their respective schools to represent them.

It is the first meeting that takes place after Calvià had received the Child Friendly City Recognition, the CAI seal, promoted by UNICEF, and that recognises the work being carried out by the Town Hall, in coordination with local entities and with children, to lead the ongoing process of implementing policies and measures that improve the welfare of children and adolescents in the municipality.

One of the actions that has taken place in the framework of this recognition is the preparation of the I Local Plan for Children and Adolescents 2018-2021, a planning document that becomes an effective and real municipal tool for the implementation of solutions to the problems that affect children. For a year, intense work has been done so that all the proposed actions respond to the important participatory process that has been carried out including, for the first time, the voice of children in municipal policies.

The internal coordination body (MIA), which has various departments and the municipal political groups represented in the plenary session, has played an active and essential role throughout the process of preparing the document that includes 144 actions. 

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, welcomed the 30 children who are part of the Council, and explained them how important it is for the municipality to listen to the voice of children. The president of UNICEF Balears, Mercedes del Pozo, has also participated to welcome Calvià to the CAI network.

On their behalf, the children councillors have approved the internal rules of the commission, and have read the rights set out in the Children Rights Convention. Finally, two of the children who participated yesterday in "Propostes per la Infància" in the Children's Parliament of the Balearic Islands that was held yesterday in the Autonomous Chamber, have explained their experience and their contribution in the Plenary.

The event was attended by the Calvià Town Hall's councillors and the Children Council's children relatives.