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Glass recycling campaign in the hotel industry


 Monday 3rd December 2018


-The fines included in the municipal ordinance have been reminded and the awareness raising of a sector that generates 50% of waste from single-use glass containers has been reinforced.

- More than 150 bin containers adapted to catering professionals have been delivered to facilitate the separation and recycling of glass containers.

-Until October, 3,224 tons of glass have been collected in Calvià, 2% more than in 2018.

 The Calvià Town Hall has completed its campaign to promote the recycling of glass containers in the hospitality sector. The initiative has reached more than 350 establishments (bars, cafeterias and restaurants) in order to inform and monitor the compliance with municipal ordinances that oblige large generators to properly manage their waste.

To this effect, a fieldwork has been carried out with accredited personnel to reinforce the knowledge of the municipal ordinances regarding recycling and to inform about fines in case of non-compliance with regulations. Likewise, the initiative has also promoted the awareness raising of the environmental benefits of recycling glass containers, such as the protection of resources and the fight against climate change.

The visits of qualified personnel to the establishments began last June and ended at the end of October. After a first phase of information and analysis of the establishments' needs, audits were carried out to verify that the establishments correctly carried out the separation at source of the generated glass.

The campaign has strengthened the provision of means to hoteliers to facilitate the separation of glass containers and their recycling, and Ecovidrio has delivered more than 150 bin containers of different capacities, according to the volume of generation of each establishment.

Given the European mandate to recycle 55% of urban waste by 2025, moving forward in the implementation of sustainable habits in the hospitality sector is key to reducing the volume of waste destined for landfill and contributing to the transition to the circular economy. In this context, the hospitality industry generates almost 50% of waste from single-use glass containers, so its impact to increase recycling data is critical.

Calvià doubles the island's average

Up to October, 3,224 tons of glass were collected in our municipality, which is 2% more than the previous year. Throughout the year 2017, more than 3,300 tons of glass containers were recycled in Calvià, which means an average of 68kg / inhabitant. With these results, the municipality doubles the island's average of glass containers recycling in Mallorca (30.5kg / inhabitant).

In regional terms, the Balearic Islands was, in 2017, the leading autonomous community in recycling glass containers with 38.8kg / inhabitant. Thanks to the recycling of 43,349 tons of glass containers, the Balearic people managed to avoid the emission of 29,087 tons of CO2, equivalent to removing 7,123 cars from circulation for a year. Likewise, the recycling of glass containers has saved 96,315 MWh of energy, enough to light a city like Palma de Mallorca for 2 months.