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Santa Ponēa health centre works visit

Friday, 22nd February 2019


The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, and the Regional Health Minister, Patricia Gómez, visited this afternoon the refurbishment works of the Santa Ponça Health Centre that covers 22,600 health cards as a PAC.

The works carried out by the regional Government, with an investment of 1,2 million euros, include of the construction of 652 m2 that extend the current building, that is 23 years old. These works will expand the number of surgery rooms from 18 to 27 and there will also be an accessibility improvement. The works are being carried out at the time without interfering with the of the Centre's normal activity.

The mayor has stressed that for Calvià, the commitment of the regional Government to expand and improve these facilities is essential because the Health Centre is in the heart of Calvià, in the area with the most population, and it will also respond to a citizen's constant demand, in order to have, in addition, a better service portfolio. Alfonso Rodríguez Badal assured that "we are happy because the Government is fulfilling, Calvià citizens are winning because, in addition, the project is going very fast".

On her behalf, the Regional Health Minister reiterated that the extension was a demand of the population and of the professionals at the Centre, and that the works are intented to be completed after Summer. In this way, she has has re-emphasized, they fullfil the Plan of of Government Primary Care Infrastructures Plan, with more than 42 million euros allocated with the aim of renewing the health installations of the Balearic Islands and promoting the Primary Attention.