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Calvią Agreement for Climate and Energy


Monday 4th March 2019


With the achievement of the first Agreement objectives, Calvià is placed as the first municipality of the Balearic Islands in compliance with them

On Thursday's plenary, the municipality of Calvià approved to join the new Covenant of Mayors and Mayoresses for Climate and Energy, after meeting the first 2013-2020 Agreement commitments and being the first town hall in the Balearic Islands to meet them.

The European Commission launched in 2008 the Covenant of Mayors, open to all European cities and municipalities, with the aim of involving local authorities and their citizens in sustainable development and in the implementation of energy policies more beneficial for the environment.

The aim of the Agreement was to reduce, as a minimum, 20% of CO2 emissions by 2020, taking as a starting point the emissions made in the municipality regarding the reference year.

In 2015, the European Commission launched the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy, increasing the objectives to include new ones and raising the initial commitment of reducing to 40% the CO2 emisssions by 2030, and include not only mitigation measures but also adaptation to climate change. Now, the Calvià Town Hall is committed to reaffirm the Covenant of Mayors and Mayoresses with the commitment to present an action Plan for Sustainable Energy and Climate (PAESC) in two years, starting from the Agreement's official signing, in addition to:

-Reduce to 40% the CO2 emissions by 2030

-Increase energy efficiency by 27%

-Increase the use of energy from renewable sources by 27%

-Develop a Reference Emissions inventory (IER)

-Carry out an evaluation of risks and vulnerabilities derived from climate change

-Submit a follow-up report, at least, every two years

High compliance in Calvià

The Calvià Town Hall joined the Covenant of Mayors and Mayoresses on 24th November 2011, assuming the commitment to approve and implement a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (PAES) in the municipality, whose objective was to reduce 20% of CO2 emissions (more than 100,000 MT) and 25% of the Town Hall's emissions by 2020, based on the 2007 Calvià emissions inventory.

Currently, Calvià has achieved the objectives set in 2011 with a reduction of around 19% in the whole municipality, and more than 30% of the emissions that depend on the Town Hall, being the first municipality of the Balearic Islands to reach the commitments.

The adhesion initiative was approved on Thursday's plenary session, which also proposed the creation of an Interdisciplinary Technical Follow-up Commission for the new PACES.