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Security talks to the elderly of Calvią


Thursday 14th March 2019



The talks given by the Police include tips to avoid scams through purchases on Internet

Officers of the Community Police Unit have carried out talks at the Senior Citizens' associations of the municipality in order to give updated information on the measures that the elderly have to follow for their safety. Five associations have participated in these meetings organised by the Local Police Community Police Unit so that the elderly can feel safer. Apart from the traditional advice, such as not giving personal or banking information on the telephone, they are informed on security on the Internet, since it appears that many senior citizens are already regular users of the network. The topics covered are about security measures on social networks and e-commerce transactions.

The objective of these actions is to remind them on the most common scams, since most cases in which the elderly are victims of crime, are because they are not distrustful. Other useful tips are:

- Do not carry a list of passwords or secret numbers.

- Contact Red Cross, Calvià Town Hall's Social Services Deparment or an NGO should anyone want to contract a home help service.

- Distrust non contracted services' uniforms and identifications, and do not call their telephones.

On the other hand, and like last year, talks are being held at hotels in Palmanova, Magaluf and Santa Ponça aimed at senior tourists. It is a 15-minute meeting in which tourists are reminded of the measures to take into account to improve security during their stay. In addition, they are provided with a brochure published by Calvià Town Hall where 10 basic security tips are specified, a map of transport lines, and the telephones that can be useful, such as the 112, the health centre, the Civil Guard, and the taxi or bus service.