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Fines to businesses for noise pollution


Monday 13th May 2019


Most of the fines have been put in Magaluf and consist of a 2,000€ fine and the cessation of musical activity for a month

With the beginning of the tourist season, the number of fines for causing inconveniences and hindering the rest of the neighbours, has increased. Only in the last month, the Local Police of Calvià officers have filed 17 disciplinary proceedings, of which 14 are for having the doors of the premises open after midnight, two for having musical activity outside the premises and one because the sound equipment limiter was not working.

16 complaints have been filed in Magaluf, and one in Santa Ponça. Having the doors open after midnight is considered a serious infraction, contained in Law 1/2007, of 16th March, against the noise pollution of the Balearic Islands, and may involve a penalty of up to € 12,000. A pub in Punta Ballena St. (Magaluf) has been fined with the maximum amount together with suspension for 2 years, however this sanction has been appealed and is pending judicial resolution.The rest of the sanctions are of a minor amount: twelve of € 2,000, three of € 2,500, and one of € 3,000. All of them, in addition, have suspension of musical activity during the period of one month and one day. Out of all the businesses fined, they have all complied with the sanction, except two that are still under activity suspension.

The Local Police of Calvià will continue to monitor compliance with regulations and does not rule out new penalties for excessive noise in the coming weeks. It is worth taking into account the daily difficulty to combine the leisure activity in the areas of Magaluf (Punta Ballena St.) and Santa Ponça (Ramon de Montcada St.) with the rest of the residents. In addition, the neighborhood associations have expressed their discomfort on the noise during the summer season on several occasions.

According to the Law 37/2003 of Noise in the night period, which is when these infractions occur on the part of some terraces and night bars, the decibel level must never exceed 35.