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The volume of reclaimed water for irrigation grows


Friday 27th September 2019


The water treated in tertiary by Calvià 2000 rises 33% during the first half of the year

The water treated in tertiary by the Calvià 2000 treatment plant in Bendinat during the first half of this year has increased by 33%, reaching 79,149 cubic metres; this regenerated water has been used to irrigate parks and gardens in the municipality.

Faced with this growth, the volume of water discharged by emissaries has fallen by 10.6%,
double what the total amount of water treated in the municipality has decreased. These figures confirm that the municipal public company is moving towards the fulfillment of the strategic objectives of the Water Cycle area: promoting the use of reclaimed water and moving towards total water reuse.

A very important milestone in this aspect will be reached in mid-2020, when the new tertiary treatment of the Santa Ponça wastewater treatment plant, now under construction, will be launched, with which the municipality of Calvià will have the most advanced system on the islands in terms of capacity and quality to regenerate wastewater and allocate it to urban uses (irrigation of gardens and urban green areas, and discharge of sanitary devices) and agricultural uses.

21,300 kg of fat.

In the Water Cycle area first semester balance, it also highlights the removal of solid waste from the treatment plants, which reached a weight of 292,600 kilos. Of the total solid waste present in these facilities, the high percentage of fats stands out. Only in the treatment plants of Santa Ponça, Bendinat and Peguera, more than 21,300 kilos of fat were withdrawn from January to June.

Precisely, the Ordinance regulating the sanitation network on urban land establishes that those activities that are likely to contribute fat to the public network (bars, hotels, restaurants, washing and lubrication stations, parking lots, etc.) must install and maintain a fat separator manhole; and it is considered a very serious offense not to do so.

More than 137,000 euros in unblocking, cleaning and repairs.

In fact, fat played an important role, along with debris and wet wipes, in the blockages that last month caused wastewater spills on the beaches of Palmira (Peguera) and Portals.

Regarding wet wipes, 288 tons have been removed from the sewage networks in the first semester, and have caused the need for extraordinary actions (unblocking, repairs and cleaning works) worth more than 137,000 euros.
It is about 77% of the cost of the total amount of cleaning and unblocking works of the mixed truck service.