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More than 272,000 euros in scholarships


Friday 8th November 2019


The Town Hall offers scholarships to promote youth training and help them prepare for their entry into the labour market

Calvià Town Hall has awarded in the 2019 calls a total of 272,320 euros for financial aid for studies and scholarships from which 156 young people have benefited.

The Town Hall, through the University Centre of Calvià (CUC), offers a series of grants for studies and various types of scholarships with the aim of promoting and enhancing the education and training of young people in the municipality, while responding to the needs of a labour market that demands professionals with increasing preparation.

In 2019, of the total of 272.320 euros, 77,600 have been allocated to financial aid and 194,720 euros to scholarships.

A total of 41 young people have received scholarships:

-Practical training scholarships for university or training courses students (BeCalvià): 22 young people, for a total of 17,600 euros. In this modality, an individual aid of 800 euros is offered.

-Practical training scholarships for recent graduates (Projecta't): 171,000 euros, for a total of 19 young people. In this case, an individual aid of 9,000 euros is offered.

-Socio-educational practical training scholarships: 6 young people have benefited and a total of 6,120 euros have been allocated. These scholarships offer an individual aid of 1,020 euros.

Regarding financial aid, there have been 115 beneficiaries:

-Economic aid for Training Cycle studies: 19 beneficiaries, for a total of 3,800 euros. They receive an individual aid of 200 euros if they study in Mallorca and 400 euros if they study outside the Balearic Islands.

-Economic aid for University Degree studies: 74 young people benefited from a total of 26,000 euros. In this case, individual grants of 300 euros if they study in Mallorca and 500 euros if they study outside the Balearic Islands.

-Economic aid for Master's studies: 14 people have benefited from a total of 14,000 euros. They receive an individual aid of 1,000 euros.

-Economic aid for Undergraduate studies (Erasmus Mobility): there have been 8 young people who have received these grants from a total of 33,800 euros. They receive an individual aid ranging from 600 euros to 7,200 euros.

More information on: http://www.cucalvia.com/becas/