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New police officers take office


Monday 13th January 2020


51 police officers, an official and a sub-inspector have taken office today

The Calvià Local Police held this morning at the Son Bugadelles headquarters the appointment of 53 career officials: 51 police officers who have passed an extraordinary competition process for the consolidation of temporary employment in public administrations, as well as an official, who will work in the Reports Division, and a sub-inspector, who will occupy his position in the Multipurpose Division, who have promoted through an internal promotion opposition contest. The mayor of Calvià Town Hall, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, chaired the taking office event, which was attended by the deputy mayor of local police, Nati Francés, and the deputy mayor of General Services, Juan Recasens.

Amongst the 51 new officials, there are 48 men and 3 women. In addition, all of them, with the exception of one, were working or had worked at some time for the Local Police of Calvià. Thus, the staff of the Local Police of Calvià gives labour stability to a good part of its workforce -with good knowledge of the municipality and the characteristics of the tourist municipality-, and it also rejuvenates. The new police officers have an average age of 39.

The rejuvenated staff of the Local Police of Calvià will obey a flexible organisational structure, adapted to the needs of the Calvià residents and visitors. The proximity police will be promoted in a transversal way and the figure of the community police officer as a reference in each of the Calvià areas will be reinforced, especially.

It should be taken into account that the Royal Decree 1449/2018 was approved a little over a year ago, which allows some local police officers to retire early. Thus, in 2019 fifteen agents ended their job at the Local Police of Calvià and other nine can do so throughout this year. To this end, the call for another extraordinary selection process to cover the retirements of the year 2019 has already been published and a new call for free shifts will be published shortly to advance the replacement of police officers who will retire throughout the year 2020. This last call for nine places foresees the 40% reserve for women, the maximum allowed by the Law for the coordination of local police officers in the Balearic Islands. On the other hand and for the first time, Calvià will have a woman sub-inspector in Reports who will fill a vacancy in service commission.