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New aids for rental housing due to Covid-19

Friday, 22nd May 2020


Requirements are relaxed and procedures are reduced to facilitate access to extraordinary aid that will be offered for a maximum of six months

The Calvià Town Hall launches an extraordinary line of aid for housing rental for persons and families who have difficulties in coping with the monthly payment as a consequence of the economic and social impact produced by the Covid-19 crisis. These are new exceptional aids, regardless of the ordinary ones that have been announced annually for the last few years and will be published soon. It is one of the initiatives included in the negotiations of a social and political agreement for the implementation of a Municipal Action Plan for social, economic and environmental recovery.
These aids are aimed exclusively at people with problems to pay the rent due to Covid-19: people who have become unemployed, people who are in a temporary employment regulation process (ERTE), people who have seen their working hours reduced due to family care or due to involuntary and organisational working hours, or self-employed workers who have suffered a 75% reduction in income or that have ceased their activity during the state of alarm.
The aid offered is up to 40% of the monthly rent for rentals of up to 900 euros, and grants of up to 30% for rentals between 901 and 1,100 euros per month. Aids will be awarded for a maximum of 6 months, which can be reviewed bi-monthly.
To facilitate access and obtainement the Covid-19 rental aid, some requirements will be relaxed, such as the accreditation of the Ibavi deposit, that will not be necessary, and the procedures will be reduced by allowing the presentation of a responsible statement. Likewise, online procedures will be prioritised to hand in the documents that need to be provided.
Municipal rental aids are considered a right in Calvià, which means, as Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal has been explaining, that all individuals and families who meet the requirements of the calls for aids, receive aid even if it is necessary to expand the budget allocation. In the case of these extraordinary Covid-19 rental aids, this right is also recognised.
It is planned that the call will be published shortly and that in early June applications for these extraordinary aids can begin to be submitted, which will be compatible with the annual aids from the Calvià Town Council and other supra-municipal administrations.