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Social and political agreement for reactivation

 Monday 15th June 2020


The agreement has been signed by all the municipal political groups, unions, all the hotel associations of Calvià and the associated offer

The agreement includes new measures that are added to the ones already implemented, such as the contribution of 1,500,000 euros in aid to the self-employed, the reduction of 50% of rubbish collection rates or a plan to reactivate local trade

Agreement text with all the measures: LINK 

Today the Municipal Action Plan for Calvià's social, economic and environmental recovery has been signed in Calvià after weeks of work between the government team of Calvià Town Hall, the political groups with municipal representation, the hotel, commercial and restaurant and leisure associations, and the majority unions in the municipality. This joint work has led to this plan, which includes social protection measures to alleviate the basic and urgent needs of Calvià residents; measures to reactivate and sustain economic activity, and fiscal measures, with a shared commitment to maintaining and promoting jobs in the affected sectors. The measures are specified and quantified with an overall economic cost of 8,898,974 euros, which is a significant effort in the face of a decline in revenue that is estimated to be, in 2020, between 12 and 15 million euros.

The Plan also includes the creation of a work group to lay the foundations of environmental sustainability, which is also pursued with the agreement, with objectives and measures that mark the green agenda for the new reality.

Following the approval of this document, a monitoring table will be created for the measures proposed by this plan, which will be composed of representatives of the political groups and entities signing the document. 

The Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal presided over the signing ceremony, in which also intervened the spokespersons of the municipal political groups (Nati Francés of the PSOE, Marga Plomer of Podem-Més, Luisa Jiménez of the PP, Esperanza Català of Vox and Gaël Thyus of Ciudadanos); the presidents of the Hotel Associations of the municipality (Mauricio Carballeda, Antonio Roses, Antonio Mayol and Martín Xamena); the union leaders (Antonio Copete and Maribel Millán), and the representatives of the associated business entities (José Tirado, Alfonso Robledo and Jesús Sánchez).

Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, who recalled that today's work has confirmed many weeks of work, thanked the ability of all the political groups and social and economic agents «to understand that in times as these the key was to put the Calvià citizens in the centre of all our actions ».

New measures

The document includes measures that have already been implemented and new measures, including:

- The contribution of 1,500,000 euros in aid for the self-employed

- The reduction of 50% of the rubbish collection rate for the affected productive sector

- The implementation of a Local Trade Reactivation Plan

- The maintenance of investments in strategic areas such as public housing, the improvement of natural and urban environments

- The intensification of tourist promotion

- The postponement of up to 50% of the payment of the Real Estate Tax of the productive sector (50% of the tax may be postponed until 2021)

These new measures, with a strong economic impact, are in addition to the actions that are already underway such as: the increase in social emergency aid, new extraordinary aids for the habitual residence rentals, economic rebalancing, the expansion of bar and restaurant terraces or bonuses and tax deferrals.