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66 youths are trained with Calvią scholarships


Saturday 19th September 2020


In this call there have been 27 more beneficiaries than in 2019

Sixty-six youths from Calvià have completed their training through the Projecta't and BeCalvià scholarships called by the Town Hall and in which this year a budget of 212.160 euros has been invested. The number of young beneficiaries of the scholarships has increased by 70% compared to the last call in which 39 youths received training in private companies or in different municipal services.

At the diplomas delivery event, the Mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, accompanied by the Deputy Mayor for Education and Employment, Olga Granados, thanked the companies and municipal departments that have collaborated in these scholarships, for helping to create opportunities so that young people in training process have contact with the labour world, because "if young people have higher and better expectations, Calvià also has higher and better expectations." He also encouraged them to train constantly since "this makes a more educated society and, therefore, a freer society with more capacity to decide."

Calvià scholarships

The Projecta't scholarships, in which 20 youths recently graduated from university degrees or intermediate or higher level training cycles have participated, have a duration of 10 months and consist of cross-sectional training and training practices that are carried out in different municipal departments. The subsidy for these scholarships is 855 euros per month.

46 young undergraduates or intermediate or higher degree vocational training students have participated in the BeCalvià scholarships. In this case, they have a duration of 2 to 3 months and municipal departments and private companies collaborate. This scholarship is subsidised with 420 euros per month, and in the case of private companies, these assume 50%.

The objectives of the Town Hall with these scholarships, which are managed by the Municipal Institute of Education and Libraries (IMEB), are to contribute to a better professional qualification; facilitate the work methodology knowledge adequate to the professional reality; favour the development of technical, methodological, personal and participatory skills; obtain an experience that facilitates their future employability, and promote the values of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.