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565% increase in urgent need aids


Tuesday 27th October 2020


Due to Covid-19, the Town Hall had already multiplied by five the initial budget to cover basic needs

Calvià Town Hall has added 300.000 euros to the allocation destined to cover basic needs of citizens and that, due to Covid-19, already had a budget 5 times higher than planned, of 1.029,884 euros. Thus, if with the new allocation that is added of 300.000 euros it reaches to 31st December, in 2020 there will have been a budget of 1.329,884 euros, which is 565% more than the 2019 budget.

Since the beginning of lockdown and until 23rd October, 3.673 aids had already been granted to 1.176 families for a total value of 1.033,154 euros, of which almost 90% were for food.

The comparative data that we have, with regards to 2019, highlight the situation of difficulty, and the response that is being given from the Town Hall:

• From 15th March to 30th September 2019, 251 grants were awarded, for a value of 87.364 euros.

• From 15th March to 30th September 2020, 3.329 grants have been awarded, for a value of 945.494 euros.

• This represents an increase of 1.226% with regards to the number of aids and an increase of 982% with regards to the economic amount.

Throughout 2020, Social Services of Calvià Town Hall is assisting 1.129 new families for all the aids offered by the municipal department, in addition to urgent need aids.

To respond to the needs of citizens and with the aim of streamlining aids, Calvià Town Hall has provided Social Services with more tools and personnel: four more social work professionals have been hired, administrative personnel have been assigned to respond to all requests for intervention received and new communication channels have been enabled.