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Calvią Tourism Forum Meeting


Tuesday 12th April 2022


He has participated in the Calvià Tourism Forum

The Regional Minister for Economic Model, Tourism and Labour, Iago Negueruela, has explained today the Tourism Law of the Balearic Islands, at the Calvià Tourism Forum meeting, chaired by the mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal.

The mayor has stressed the importance of the Law because it is an initiative that conceives the axes that have always wanted to be pursued and towards which they want to continue advancing, such as competitiveness, social responsibility and environmental preservation. Alfonso Rodríguez Badal wanted to highlight that a more consistent season is starting after two very hard years, with the confidence of recovering the occupancy and profitability values from before the pandemic. In this sense, he has indicated that the necessary investments have been restarted, which had suffered a brake, with funds from municipal budget surplus, ITS or Next Generation funds, which will allow them to start this winter, once they have the permits from Costas, the project for the renovation of the Magaluf coastline, actions for the renovation of Jaume I in Santa Ponça, or the second phase of the Palmira beach promenade in Peguera, amongst others that are also being worked on.

The regional minister explained during his speech the details of the new regulations and defended the need to promote this law, which "will generate solutions capable of improving the tourist experience, the life quality of residents and the working conditions of workers". "For the first time in our islands we will have a tourism law that considers all the dimensions of the activity," he added.

After analising the main lines of the regulations, Negueruela added that thanks to this law, “the foundations of a leading and future-oriented tourism that definitively bets on quality and not on intensity will be consolidated; a qualitative and not a quantitative model.

Calvià Tourism Forum

The Calvià Tourism Forum, created in 2016, is set up as a space for debate, dialogue and collaboration between all the agents directly linked to the tourist activity that takes place in the municipality of Calvià. Its main functions revolve around the analysis of matters directly related to the tourist activity that takes place in the municipality of Calvià and the issuance of reports and recommendations in this regard with a merely advisory and non-binding nature.

The Forum is made up of: the mayor and councillors involved in tourism matters, the general director of Tourism of Calvià, the political groups with municipal representation in Calvià, the Chamber of Commerce, Fomento del Turismo, Fundación Calvià 2004, the hotel associations of the municipality , federations and business groups (trade, restaurants, complementary offer, leisure and services), UGT and CCOO (unions with majority representation in the municipality), the UIB, neighborhood representatives of the areas with the greatest tourist activity and consumer organisations, amongst others.