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New Ordinance on reuse of reclaimed water


Thursday 4th August 2022


The standard, together with infrastructures such as the Water Regeneration Station and the expansion of reclaimed water distribution networks, is one of the key axes to preserve the availability and quality of water in the municipality

Calvià Town Hall has initially approved the new municipal Ordinance for the sustainable management of water reuse in the municipality. This is a pioneering regulation at regional and state level that will represent a qualitative leap in the management of unconventional resources, since it will regulate the reuse of municipal reclaimed and recycled water (grey and rainwater generated or collected inside homes or facilities), which are not suitable for human consumption, beyond the municipal garden areas.

This Ordinance is one of the axes of the Strategic Plan for the Hydraulic Infrastructures of the municipality of Calvià that the Town Hall is developing through the public company Calvià 2000 and that also includes other key aspects to reduce dependence on external resources and continue advancing towards zero discharge. These other axes, which have involved an investment of more than 15 million euros in recent years, are: the start-up in 2022 of the Santa Ponça Water Regeneration Station (ERA), which will multiply by 20 the availability of reclaimed water; the continuation of the reclaimed water distribution network extension plan, which now has a 45 km network, with the aim of reaching 150 km in the medium term; and the implementation of the service, with an action to disseminate and promote reclaimed water to individuals and large and medium-sized consumers.

The deputy mayor and president of Calvià 2000, Marcos Pecos, points out that the plan, in general, and the ordinance, in particular, are essential to move towards circularity, sustainability and zero discharge, in a municipality like Calvià that multiplies by 3.5 times the water demand in the high season, in addition to no longer depending so heavily on external supply sources, which are estimated at 85%. Pecos adds that the ordinance supports the new General Plan (now on public display) that directs its objectives to the sustainable management of alternative water resources, and complies with the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (PAESC).

The new municipal ordinance is structured in 106 articles that establish the relations between users and user entities and the Calvià Town Hall, regarding the reused water public service.

The main objectives are summarised in:

- Define rights and obligations of each of the parties in the management of the reclaimed water public service
- Establish the requirements, particularities and limitations, both of the quality and the management of reclaimed water use
- Promote citizen awareness and sensitivity about the use of water
- Promote and regulate the use of unconventional water resources in the municipality of Calvià
- Incorporate recommendations and good practices for use, both for reclaimed and for recycled water