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'Activa Son Ferrer' community project


Monday 2nd October 2023


This is an intervention to understand the needs and proposals of the population of Son Ferrer and improve the community

The group of entities and services that work in the Son Ferrer area will hold on Thursday 5th October, a Day with recreational actions in the courtyard of the Secondary Education Institute. The objective is to explain the neighbours their community “Activa Son Ferrer” project, made up of services from the social, educational, youth, cultural, health, sports, public security and associative fields.

The Day aims for the resident population to contribute their vision of the needs and make proposals for the community improvement. Specifically through three work tables on leisure and free time, promotion of healthy lifestyle habits, as well as addictions to substances and new technologies. At these tables, the population will be able to register to take part in the working groups that will meet in the coming months.

With this Day, “Activa Son Ferrer” wants to establish communication channels and bridges between the population and the work group, in order to involve neighbours and encourage dynamic participation. In addition, professionals working in the Son Ferrer area will share their experiences in a collaborative manner about the needs detected and possible ways for future citizen participation. In addition, from 4 to 7 p.m. there will be stands from sports clubs and associations, indoor football, bushido and strength training exhibitions. You can also taste healthy smoothies and fruit, and enjoy children's and youth activities. The final point will be put by the young 'batucada' (drums performance) from Es Generador.

“Activa Son Ferrer” began its work with an analysis of data and then carried out citizen consultations through which opinions and information about the reality of the area were collected. Currently, the project is at a maturity level that allows to advance towards the joint decision/action phase that further enhances social cohesion and the taking of precise and appropriate measures that respond to the real needs of the inhabitants of Son Ferrer.

The driving group members that promoted “Activa Son Ferrer” belong to the educational centres in the area -nursery school, school and high school-, the Educational Reinforcement Centre and the Early Childhood and Primary Educational Reinforcement Programme, the library, the Municipal Youth and Culture Services, Son Ferrer Basic Health Unit, and Municipal Social Services. The guardian police officer, the Civil Guard and the area coordinator are also involved. These professionals and collaborators hope that the Day will be very well attended to continue their work of community citizen participation.

After the Day, information posters and mailboxes will be distributed so that the population, both online (activasonferrer@calvia.com) and on paper, can continue contributing proposals. The participation channel will remain open.