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Logotipo Ayuntamiento de Calvia


Logotipo Ayuntamiento de Calvia
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Emergency Services

Emergency number for all services 
Medical Emergency number

Fire Brigade
C/ Jaume I, 121 -07180-Santa Ponça
971 69 00 80
Guardia Civil (Civil Guard)
C/ Islas Canarias, 22

Son Bugadelles Industrial Estate (07180) Santa Ponça

971 69 37 83 

(SATE) The Civil Guard's Foreign Tourism Service Office 

Av. Magaluf, 22 

07181 Magaluf
Local Police and Civil Defense
Carrer d'Alacant.  Son Bugadelles Industrial Estate 
07180 Santa Ponça
policiacalvia@calvia.com  protecciocivil@calvia.com
971 00 33 00