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Commerce and business

Commerce and business: supporting our businesses

Calvià, a commercial town


In Calvià we can boast of our entrepreneurial force: in total, more than 3000 businesses in Calvià without counting our hospitality offer. An engine giving work and life and growing every day in quantity and quality.

In the Commerce and Activities area we seriously care for our local businesses. That is why we are dedicated to develop activities to promote and help modernize our businesses.


What do we do for you?

Our main function is to support businesses in Calvià. Primarily we facilitate relations with the Administration: licenses, grants, quality programmes... We also work to promote our businesses both advertising and organizing events.

These are our main functions:

  • We relate our commercial offer with the entertainment and dining one to create a dynamic commercial space, and we promote it in all Calvià, to our neighbours and residents and to the tourists who come to visit us.

  • We develop and coordinate rehabilitation projects and we coordinate with the other areas of the Towhn Hall to transform our streets and commercial areas. We also help rehabilitate and modernize your business without losing its essence.

  • We collaborate with other authorities in the Quality Sector Plans. We work to guide shops, restaurants and other businesses in Calvià towards the implementation of these plans.

  • Fairs, exhibitions and dynamic activities: to convert commercial areas in Calvià into a reference.

How do we do it?

Always thinking of our businesses, but keeping an eye on global issues:

  • Weekly markets. We organize the space, manage and control stands and we control that everything goes well.
  • Handycraft markets. Every Summer, we prepare a space available to the artisans and craftsmen of Calvià and other municipalities. We organise and manage it, and we promote it amongst residents and tourists.
  • Grants and subsidies. We help you find and apply for public assistance that you need to boost your business. We also manage sectoral aid to our municipality.
  • Quality Plans [LINK]. We collaborate to implement quality plans in Calvià and we guide our businessmen in the modernization of their business. We adhere to the approved quality standards such as AENOR.
  • Licenses and permits. For your home, for your work ... We process technical reports, permits, licenses for all types of businesses.

In the Tourism and hospitality area we also manage permits and licenses for music and noise emissions; commercial kitchens and business conditioning, sound limiters and inspections.

  • Dynamic Advertising: We manage digital displays so all Calvià businesses can benefit from their advantages, without losing harmony with our environment.
  • Promotion and Business Associations: we reach agreements that benefit our businessmen and companies, and we monitor them.
  • We work to increase the quality of our tourism, supporting our businessmen, catering and accommodation businesses to achieve the full revitalization of our vacation and leisure offer throughout the year. To do this we create channels of information and exchange of ideas, so that we all draw the way together.

Where can you find us?


Town Hall of Calvià

C/ Julià Bujosa Sans, batle 1

07184 Calvià (Illes Balears)

Phone: 971 139 100

FAX: 971 139 143



Documentation of interest:

Permanent Activities Forms

Modelo 1: Declaración responsable actividad permanente inocua sin premiso de instalación)

Modelo 2: Ficha resumen actividades permanentes

Modelo 3: Certificación con memoria técnica para actividades inocuas.

Modelo 4: Comunicación previa obras

Modelo 5: Solicitud actividad permanente con obra mayor

Modelo 6: Certificado técnico director

Modelo 7: Declaración actividad permanente menor sin permiso de instalación)

Modelo 8: Solicitud actividad permanente mayor sin obra

Modelo 9: Declaración responsable actividad mayor con obra menor o sin obra

Modelo 10: Solicitud actividad permanente mayor con obra menor

Modelo 11: Declaración responsable actividad permanente con obra mayor

Modelo 12: Certificado técnico director actividades permanentes menores sin obra o con obra menor



Roaming activities form: 

Solicitud itinerantes

Declaración responsable actividad itinerante mayor )

Declaración responsable actividad itinerante menor )


Change of ownership form: 

Solicitud Cambio de titularidad


Other requests: 

Solicitud Ocupación de vía pública

Solicitud publicidad dinámica

Solicitud licencia Pub Crawling

Solicitud de Precinto Anual de Limitador

Solicitud mercados de verano - Wednesday April 5th opened the deadline to request authorization peddling or not sedentary in newspapers and temporary summer markets the municipality of Calvia for the season 2017. Deadline for submission of applications: 12 April. To consult the rules, see here.