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Quality: our commitment with you

Why do we implement quality programmes in Calvià?
In the Quality department of the Calvià Town Hall we work on improving services in our municipality on a long term basis. This is what quality programmes consist of: we design and implement strategies that lead us to achieve the best public services for our neighbours and meet all their needs.

Q for tourist quality on our beaches
In June 2001, Calvià joined the Q certification programme. We set up a system of integrated management of all our beaches to coordinate all activities: services, environment, security ... The reward began to arrive in the form of recognition of our effort. Since then we have developed more initiatives until we received the certificate of the Spanish Institute for Tourism Quality (UNE 187001: 2011)

Q for tourist quality in our tourist offices
We have also obtained the Q certificate for our four tourist information offices, which has involved the joint efforts of our Town Hall with hotel and restaurant associations. We are the first municipality of the Balearic Islands to get the Q for its tourist offices, which shows that the effort to welcome our visitors is going in the best possible direction.

Letters of commitment
With our letters of commitment we assume several quality programmes: they are the first step in each itinerary to consolidate our best public services.

The Town Hall of Calvià is now part of these quality processes:

  • Quality Committee of Public Administrations (AEC).
  • Institutional Quality Forum of the Public Sector in the Balearic Islands.