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Logotipo Ayuntamiento de Calvia
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Youth Service

  What does the Youth Service do?
 Information, participation, activities and personal development. The Youth Service of Calvià Council
is specifically designed to respond your needs with a quality service. We work to give an outlet to the 
diversity of our young people's demands through active proposals: activities, resource management and
itineraries. But, specially, our main function is listen to you. 

How do we organize?
 The Youth Service is organized through five different programs:

  • -Youth information: Collecting and disseminating information that interests you: European programs and exchanges, youth volunteering, 
    scholarships, sports, activities ... We also create news and directly inform you if you do not find what you are
    looking for in our newsletters.
  • -Dynamization: Working with you and your association to develop healthy leisure initiatives and activities and our service can
    move to any point of our town.
  • -Music Promotion: Giving support to the musical creation in Calvià. Musical rehearsal rooms, competitions, workshops and meetings.
  • -Artistic and cultural creation: Paying attention to your artistic initiatives and promote them inside and outside our town.
  • -Youth participation: Design and organize offers of activities that really interest you and encourage you to organize your own
  • association or collective. We listen to your opinion and we answer your questions.

Es Generador
Voranova 8. Son Caliu
T. 971 68 30 00
e-mail: juventud@calvia.com




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