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Logotipo Ayuntamiento de Calvia
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School of Dance

The creation of the School of Dance and interpretation of Calvia represents a major cultural enrichment for the town of Calvià, while ensuring better quality education in these disciplines.

The main goal is to educate children and youth in knowledge and mastery of his own body, and promote the development of creative and artistic abilities in their learning.

The School of Dance and interpretation has a curriculum, working methodology, systems evaluation and monitoring of the student body.

The school year is done in Es Generator is in the Hall of body work "LA CALDERA" located on the first floor of equipment. This room consists of a stereo, wall mirrors, bars and access to outdoor terrace. Also two changing rooms with showers.

On the ground floor of Generator It is the Amplificador, an auditorium for activities and performances of dance and interpretation punctual.

Servicio de Juventud (E. J. Es Generador)

Tel. 971 68 30 00. C / Voranova, 8, Son Caliu
generador@calvia.com y