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Collection and treatment of Rubbish

Urban rubbish

In the municipality of Calvia there are a thousand containers for the collection of rubbish. They are situated at a maximum distance of 100 m from the users. The collection is carried out during the morning in the winter months and in the summer an extra turn of evenings is added.

Please note the following advice when taking out the rubbish and other waste materials:

  • Always deposit the urban waste material in the containers in closed plastic bags.
  • Take out the rubbish three hours before the usual collection time.
  • Close the lid of the container after disposing the rubbish.

In no event should you deposit metal objects such as stoves, fridges, cookers, heaters escape pipes etc. that can cause a breakdown in the refuse vehicles.  In order to collect these items, please phone 971 694490.

There are no public containers on the front lines to avoid the accumulation of rubbish during the day.  The establishments or communities that have individual containers in the interior of the building, should put them out on the public street just before the refuse vehicle comes by and once empty should remove it.

Glass, paper, cans and batteries

The selective collection of paper, cans and glass is specially promoted from Agenda Local 21, through the implantation of the Municipal Selective Collection Plan which bears in mind the difference between the three esencial users: homes, supplementary offer (bars, shops and businesses) and hotel establishments.
Taking into consideration the needs of all of them, the necessary systems have been adapted for the separation and collection of the different materials.

At the moment:

  • In 79 hotels, that represents 29.468 plazas, paper, glass and cans are collected
  • In 890 shops cardboard is collected from door to door.
  • In 348 bars and restaurants glass is collected.

As well as this collection system, there is also a Green Park in Palmanova where the users can deposit any kind of urban waste such as oil and batteries.

At the present time there are 353 containers for cans, 269 for glass and 314 for paper installed in the municipality.
The collection percentages of the different materials, since the campaign was started, have registered an important increase year after year.

Used oil

The collection of used oil has increased in the last few years.  It is carried out by an authorized agent. The aim is to recycle and reuse but also the avoid damages to the drains, as oil in the network encumbers the purifying process.
Deposit vegetable and mineral oil in the specific containers and if the case may be, take advantage of the personalized collection service offered by Calvia 2000 to bars and shops.

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