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26 August 2015
Gratitute to Coordinators
The councillor for Citizen Participation, Fernando Alcaraz, thanks the work of the Coordinators
25 August 2015
Transparency Directors' Meeting
The Balearic Government and the Town Halls of Palma and Calvià promote the meeting in order to put in common projects, initiatives and experiences
24 August 2015
Meeting with the Artisans of Mallorca
Meeting of the Mayor with the representatives of the Association of Artisans of Mallorca
22 August 2015
IV Passejada per la Memōria
IV Passejada per la Memòria from Puigpunyent to Calvià
20 August 2015
Bylaws exposed to the public
Both, the modification of the bylaw against the acoustic contamination and the bylaw for the evaluation of buildings are now exposed to the public.
19 August 2015
Presentation of the Rei en Jaume Regatta
The A2 cruise ships will be incorporated to the fleet of vessels of the Rei en Jaume Height Regatta
19 August 2015
Meeting with the Regional Minister for Tourism
The Mayor stated that it is essential a second tourist conversion and stressed the necessity of regulating the All Inclusive
18 August 2015
Visit to the Calviā 2000 premises
The Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal has first hand known, during his visit to the premises and infrastructures of Calvià 2000, the main investments of the municipal company.
16 August 2015
Galatzķ Festivities
From 17th to 23rd August.
14 August 2015
Assembly of Mayors of Mallorca
Constituted the Assembly of Mayors of this legislature.
13 August 2015
British police presentation
The Mayor of Calvià has attended the presentation that the Government Office made for the two British policemen that are these days in the municipality.
12 August 2015
Experience acquired with employment launchers
The Town Hall of Calvià explains the experience acquired with the employment launchers to those responsible for the Town Council of Marratxí.
12 August 2015
Es Generador visit
The Mayor of Calvià was able to assess the activities and services that the Town Council's Youth Department carries out throughout the year.
11 August 2015
Rei Jaume 2015 Festivities
Antonio Barrera, of the Al-Murtaza group, and David Beltran of the Berenguer de Palou group, chosen to lead the battle between Moors and Christians.
10 August 2015
Meeting with UNICEF
The Mayor of Calvià held a meeting with representatives of UNICEF.
9 August 2015
Festivities Portals Nous and Bendinat
From 9th to 16th August.
7 August 2015
Agreements for tourism diversification
Two agreements have been signed for the carrying out of two international sporting events, one of them organized by Stephen Roche who won the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France in 1987.
6 August 2015
Festivities Magaluf-Palmanova
From 7th to 9th August.
5 August 2015
'Green line' atends 270% more incidents
Response and waiting time for resolution descend, despite incidents nearly triple. Half of the incidents attended come from area councillor notifications.
5 August 2015
Meeting at the Regional Ministry for Tourism
The Deputy Mayor for Tourism, Commerce and Urban Planning meets the General Director for Tourism at the Regional Ministry.
5 August 2015
CIM Fire Station visit
The Deputy Mayor for General Services and Security visits CIM's Fire Station with the President of the Consell de Mallorca.
4 August 2015
CUCalviā digital magazine launch
August sees the launch of a new communication channel for young people in Calvia.
3 August 2015
Festivities in El Toro
From 7th to 15th August.
2 August 2015
Visit to the CEPA of Calviā
In the academic year 2014/15, 741 people have taken part in the courses, and 520 have completed their studies, out of which 63'29% are women.
1 August 2015
Promotion of public service workers
33 civil servants take up their new positions after successfully completing the internal promotion process.
31 July 2015
 Calvia with the blood donation campaign
The Town Hall of Calvia has been a stopping point for the blood donation campaign. The mayor received the heads responsible for the Brotherhood of Blood Donors.
30 July 2015
Closing ceremony of the Vicente del Bosque Campus
The Town Hall of Calvia at the closing ceremony of the Vicente del Bosque football campus.
30 July 2015
In Memory of D.Salvā and C. Sáenz de Tejada
The Municipal Corporation of Calvià in the ceremony in memory of Diego Salvà and Carlos Saenz de Tejada, commemorating the sixth anniversary of their death by terrorist attack.
29 July 2015
Extrordinary grant announcement
The Town Hall of Calvià announces an extraordinary grant promotion for university students of the municipality. Application forms must be presented from the 1st to 16th October 2015.
28 July 2015
Meeting with the representatives of Oceana
The Mayor receives the petition of the Vice President of Oceana, Xavier Pastor, on extending Marine Reserves.
27 July 2015
Meeting with the Regional Minister for Tourism
The Mayor of Calvià suggests the Regional Government should eliminate free alcohol in all inclusive packages and thanks the Regional Minister for Tourism for his willingness to put the matter on the table.
26 July 2015
Paguera and Cala Fornells festivities
From 26th July to 2nd August.
25 July 2015
Youth Activities July 2015
The Youth Department of Calvià's Town Hall organises interesting and fun activitiesduring the Summer. Click and see...
24 July 2015
Calvia shoreline cleanup
The Mayor of Calvià thanks workers, collaborators and volunteers of the Seabed and Beaches Cleanup Programme in Calvià for their conservation efforts and awareness.
23 July 2015
Festivities Costa d'en Blanes 2015
From 23rd to 25th July.
23 July 2015
Meeting with the Association Against Cancer
The Mayor has listened and known the activities of the Local Board of the Spanish Association against Cancer of Calvià.
22 July 2015
Meeting of the Mayor with PIMECO
The Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal meets with the president of PIMECO. Commitment of the Town Hall with the traders to defend the regulation of the All Inclusive.
22 July 2015
Meeting with the president Armengol
The Mayor of Calvià forwards the necessity of regulating the all inclusive with quality standards to the president Armengol.
21 July 2015
Meeting with the School of Adults
The Mayor holds a meeting with the responsible for the School of Adults.
20 July 2015
II Employment Launcher of Calviā
The II Employment Launcher of Calvià promotes the Youth's labour insertion.
17 July 2015
Extension of the tax payment deadline
Apart from the IBI, other taxes will be able to be paid until 14th August without surcharge, and also important novelties will be provided in order to facilitate their online processing as from 23rd July.
16 July 2015
Boosting Youth policies
The councillor Israel Molina held a meeting with the Youth Department's technicals and coordinators.
14 July 2015
What's on this week in Calviā?
Calvià village Festivities.
14 July 2015
What's on this week in Calviā?
Es Capdellà Festivities.
13 July 2015
New parking space at Palmira beach
Calvià Town Hall enables a parking space for people with reduced mobility at Palmira beach in Peguera.
13 July 2015
The Town Hall swims for the multiple sclerosis
The Calvià Town Hall shows its support with the Asociación Balear de Esclerosis Múltiple participating in the campaign MULLA'T in its 20th edition.
13 July 2015
Informative talk about the tiger mosquito
The Calvià Town Hall has organised a talk addressed to the citizens to inform them about the problems that can arise with the tiger mosquito and resolve their doubts.
10 July 2015
Q for quality and blue flags in Calviā
Display of the 8 Q for quality flags and the 8 blue flags on the beaches of Calvià.
9 July 2015
World Police and Fire Games
The representatives of Calvià in the World Police and Fire Games achieved 8 medals.
9 July 2015
Coordinators' Meeting
The councillor special delegate for the Citizen Participation Service, held a meeting with the coordinators of each area to expedite their actions.
9 July 2015
Meeting of the Mayor with the ALFC
The Calvià Town Hall will improve the educational reinforcement services discounts for large families.
7 July 2015
Public exposure of the transparency bylaw
All those interested people and entities can submit allegations until the forthcoming 17th July.
7 July 2015
The Town makes known its pictorial heritage with the exhibiton "Entre el gest i el pensament".
6 July 2015
Calviā council lengthens the IBI payment
Provides the citizens of the municipality to pay their tax bill until 14th August.
6 July 2015
Swim for the multiple sclerosis
Swim for the multiple sclerosis
3 July 2015
Audience of the Mayor with the OCB of Calviā
The Mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, met this week with the President of the Obra Cultural Balear of Calvià.
3 July 2015
Meeting of the Mayor with the G. Civil of Calviā
Meeting of the Mayor at the Guardia Civil of Calvià headquarters.
1 July 2015
Scenic arts prize-giving event
Scenic arts prize-giving event awarded by the Associació de teatres i auditoris públics de les Illes Balears (ATAPIB).
1 July 2015
The Mayor meets with the CEIP directors
Alfonso Rodríguez Badal wanted to have first-hand information of the situation and the necessities of the centres.
29 June 2015
Calviā obtains 8 Q flags for toursit quality
Antonio García Moles collects in Madrid the Calvià's 8 Q flags for tourist quality.
29 June 2015
World Police and Fire Games
Four members of the Local Police of Calvià participate in the World Police and Fire Games which take place in the USA.
26 June 2015
Vespres Culturals
You can now consult in our Issuu library the Vespres Culturals (Cultural Evenings) programming for July and August in Calvià.
23 June 2015
Municipal School of Music of Calviā
The period for registrations of the Municipal School of Music of Calvià Josep Rubio i Amengual, for the 2015-2016 course is now open.
10 January 2014
Campaign Infodrogas Calviā
The Calvià Town Hall, through the Social Services Department, has started an online professional advice service for questions related to drug dependences.
22 November 2013
New Citizen Service Office in Cas Catalā
The neighbours of the area will be able to carry out a series of formalities which up to now could only be carried out in the consistory.
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