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11 February 2016
The Llar introduces the ACP model
It is a new and more professionalised model of management. The training courses for workers have already begun
11 February 2016
AMIPAS' Day Calviā 2016
The meeting which will closed by the Mayor aims to boost the exchange of initiatives and proposals between the Associations of Parents of Students of the municipality
10 February 2016
Progressing in Equality Policies
Calvià Town Hall intensifies the collaboration with the Regional Government and the CIM. The municipal institution is developing the Equality Plan within the frame of the Town Hall's Commitment against gender violence
8 February 2016
Campaign against pet excrements
Calvià 2000 will launch an awareness campaign. The Local Police has intensified the surveillance and the controls
7 February 2016
Sa Rua 2016
Images of Sa Rua 2016 of Calvià
5 February 2016
Book presentation: History of football in Calviā
The Mayor of Calvià, Anfonso Rodríguez Badal, along with Juan Manuel Sogorb, president of the C.D Calvià, and the author Xavier Terrassa, presented the book 'Història del futbol a la vila de Calvià'
5 February 2016
New laser radar for speed controls
This is one of the first compact systems acquired by a police of the Balearic Islands
5 February 2016
Road-safety education in Calviā
A group of students from the Baleares International College have participated in the road-safety education programme of the municipality
5 February 2016
Works in Blanc St. of Magaluf
One of the two lanes of Blanc St. will be cut between both avenues, Palmeres and l'Olivera from 5th to 26th February due to the restructuring works of the sewage system network
3 February 2016
Agreement signed in Peguera
Both, Calvià Town Hall and the Hotel Association of Peguera and Cala Fornells have signed an agreement for joint actions in matters of environmental awareness
2 February 2016
Plan against illegal dumping
The Local Police, Calvià 2000 and the Department of Environment work jointly to detect and eliminate these dumping sites and locate offenders
29 January 2016
Taxi driver exams' announcement
Exams have been announced for the recognition of the professional training required to obtain the administrative qualification that enables the practice of the taxi driving activity
29 January 2016
Isabel Servera Riera has turned 100
The Mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, visited the resident Isabel Servera Riera in her 100th anniversary. He gave her a bouquet of flowers on behalf of the consistory
28 January 2016
Gathering against gender violence
The Calvià Town Hall has summoned the employees to attend a gathering on Thursday 28th January at 12 p.m. at the consistory's entrance hall to say ENOUGH to violence against women.
27 January 2016
Agreements for the Protection of Animals
A series of agreements for the protection of animals in urban environments have been signed with the entities SOS ANIMAL and Balearic Platform for the Defence of Animals (Baldea)
27 January 2016
Reservations for the athletics track of Magaluf
The athletics track of Magaluf 'will hang the poster of sold out' from the beginning of March until the mid of May. It will host different European teams and sportspeople.
26 January 2016
Territorial Council of the FEMP
The Mayor attended in Madrid the election of the vice president of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces.
25 January 2016
Minute of silence in front of the Consolat de Mar
A minute of silence against gender violence was held on 25th January at 12 p.m.
24 January 2016
Gathering in Santa Ponįa
Gathering in Santa Ponça as a sign of rejection and condemnation for the murder by male violence occurred in Calvià
23 January 2016
Gathering against Gender Violence
CALVIÀ TOWN HALL CONDEMNS THE DEATH OF A WOMAN BY GENDER VIOLENCE IN COSTA DE LA CALMA. A gathering has been convened today at 5 p.m., at the Plaza de la Pinada (pinewood square) of Santa Ponça
22 January 2016
Presentation of Grants BED Plan
The Mayor of Calvià presents the grants to the sportspeople of the BED Plan (Grants for Individual Athletes). A total of 42 sportspeople of the municipality have received grants
21 January 2016
Calviā in Fitur
Calvià travels to Fitur to promote the municipality. The delegation is headed by the Deputy Mayor for Tourism, Antonio García Moles.
21 January 2016
Calviā Magazine January-February
The Calvià magazine corresponding to the months of January and February has now come out
19 January 2016
Awarding of Radio Calviā
The municipal radio station has been awarded by mayoral resolution to the company 'Associació Ona Mediterránea'. -The contract has a period of 12 months, and can be extendable for 9 more months.
18 January 2016
New sweepers for the schools
Eleven novel sweepers will improve the efficiency in the cleaning of the playgrounds of the schools of the municipality.It is expected to improve the cleaning and the working conditions of the employees
17 January 2016
Period for registration in the CEPA
The Adult Education Centre of Calvià opens the second quarter's registration process
16 January 2016
Sol Half Marathon Magaluf 2016
The Sol Half Marathon Magaluf 2016 will take place on the forthcoming 30th April from 5.30 p.m. The event's 32nd edition arrives charged of novelties
15 January 2016
The Town Hall is now in the social networks
As of today you can have access to the Town Hall's Facebook and Twitter accounts
13 January 2016
New school transportation service
For the 1st of Baccalaureate pupils of the Secondary Education Schools of Son Ferrer and Bendinat
8 January 2016
Season tickets at municipal sports facilities 2016
The seasonal tickets at municipal sports facilities include benefits for certain groups, with the aim of facilitating access to sport
7 January 2016
Works on the drinking water network
On the 11th of January Hidrobal will start working on the renewal of the drinking water network in the Avinguda del Mar in El Toro, and a specific action at roundabout No. 7 in Palmanova
6 January 2016
The Three Kings arrive in Calviā
The Three Wise Men and their helpers arrive on time to greet the children of Calvià
30 December 2015
Investments to improve services
A series of actions have gone out to tender in order to improve services and infrastructure in the municipality
29 December 2015
Having fun at Neula Parc
Until the 30th of December at the Galatzó Pavilion
20 December 2015
Restructuring of the Government Team
Decree from the Mayor's Office to appoint Israel Molina as seventh Deputy Mayor of the Town Hall of Calvià from 1st December 2015
18 December 2015
Calviā: Training and Work
The Calvià Town Hall will contract 60 people derived from the Youth Employment Guarantee and the SOIB Local Corporations' programmes. The Town Hall achieves the awarding of 8 programmes
16 December 2015
The Deixalleria's New Timetable
The Deixalleria Calvià 2000 listing of days closed during the festive days and new timetable as from 2nd January 2016
15 December 2015
Juan José Clemente Memorial
The 'IV Juan José Clemente Pérez Memorial' junior categories football tournament was held at the Son Caliu F.C. premises on 7th and 8th December
15 December 2015
The Town Hall's Negotiating Table Agreement
The Town Hall and the unions have signed the professional career and the recuperation of the 2012 extra pay agreement
14 December 2015
Minute silence for the attack in Kabul
The Calvià Town Hall joins the mourning for the death of the two national police officers deceased in the attack in Kabul
13 December 2015
European Senior Tourism Workshop
The Calvià Town Hall participated in a European Senior Tourism 'workshop', addressed to the over 55-year-old people collective
12 December 2015
Calviā activates its Transparency Portal
Since this Friday, the citizenship will be able to have access to more information and more organised. You can access from the upper window of the main page of this web
10 December 2015
Human Rights International Day 2015
Images of the reading of the manifest at the Town Hall's gardens
4 December 2015
Calviā's 2016 Budget Project
The Calvià's Budget Project for the year 2016 will be debated at the Extraordinary Plenary Session which will be held on 10th December at 4 p.m.
2 December 2015
1st December International Day against AIDS
Institutional declaration on the occasion of the International Day of fight against AIDS
1 December 2015
BetArt Spaces 2016
Both, Calvià Town Hall and Fundación Calvià have published the catalogue of spaces available for BetArt Calvià 2016
29 November 2015
Day against gender violence
The Departments of Social Services and Youth of Calvià Town Hall organised various activities on the occasion of the Day against gender violence
29 November 2015
International Cooperativism Day
Calvià present in the celebration of the International Cooperativism Day
29 November 2015
The Local Police of Calviā's Day 2015
The Son Bugadelles' headquarters has been the scenario chosen to congratulate and present the medals to the Local Police of Calvià
25 November 2015
Citizen agreement against sexist violence
Reading of the Town Hall's Commitment against gender violence
24 November 2015
Visit of the IES Bendinat to the Deixalleria
45 pupils of the Bendinat's Obligatory Secondary Education School have visited the Deixalleria of Calvià
24 November 2015
Day of civic reflection and consciousness raising
The Calvià Town Hall's Social Welfare Service organises a Day of civic reflection and consciousness raising on 25th November on the occasion of the International Day against Gender Violence
24 November 2015
Information about Radio Calviā
Temporary musical broadcasts as from 26th November through the 107.4 FM until the formalisation of the new contract
20 November 2015
Universal Children's Day 2015
Calvià acquires the status of 'Allied municipality of the Child Friendly Cities programme' of Unicef
18 November 2015
Calviā wants to become film friendly
Conversations with the Illes Balears Film Commission have now been initiated
18 November 2015
Appointment with the Councillor for Participation
Details to contact or arrange appointments with the Councillor for Participation Fernando Alcaraz
17 November 2015
Mineral oil collection informative note
Calvià 2000 informs the workshops of the correct management of used mineral oils
15 November 2015
Gathering for the Paris' victims
5 minutes of silence were held on Sunday 15th November at la Pinada of Santa Ponça
13 November 2015
Ses Quarterades que m'agraden
An area of Ses Quarterades will be recuperated thus becoming a green area which will allow to know the native vegetation and the traditional fruit trees
12 November 2015
Calviā says NO to gender violence
A minute of silence was held at Calvià Town Hall
11 November 2015
Inauguration of the CEPA of Calviā's school year
Both, the Town Hall and the Regional Ministry for Education and University commit to improve the infrastructure problems of the CEPA of Calvià
10 November 2015
Betart Calviā 2016 Announcement
The Calvià Town Hall and the Fundación Calvià 2004 have published the terms and conditions for the participation of commissioners and artists corresponding to BetArt Calvià 2016
7 November 2015
The CUC celebrates its 20th anniversary
During these 20 years the University Centre of Calvià has awarded scholarships to more than 130 students and more than 10.000 participants and users have passed by its premises
5 November 2015
Start of refurbishment works in Magaluf-Peguera
The reorganisation works are due to be finished before the start of the tourist season
4 November 2015
Collaboration agreement signature at the WTM
The Mayor, within the frame of the World Travel Market Tourist Fair of London, has signed a collaboration agreement to deseasonalise the tourist season.
3 November 2015
Presentation of 'The New Magaluf' in London
The Mayor affirms that Calvià progresses towards the quality of the products from the hand of the public and private initiatives
31 October 2015
Spain's Natural Bodybuilding Runner-up
The Calvian Juanma Rodríguez is training himself for the World's Championship to be held in November
26 October 2015
Seminar 'Step in, Informal is Normal?' Closing
The Mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, closed the International Seminar 'Step in, Informal is Normal?' and presented the diplomas to the participants along with the Councillor Delegate for Youth, Israel Molina.
25 October 2015
International Seminar's working sessions
The International Seminar 'Step in, Informal is Normal?' working sessions with pupils of the Obligatory Secondary Education Schools of Calvià, took place on 22nd October
23 October 2015
Calviā explains its future in London
The Mayor held a meeting with journalists and tourist agents of London to explain the present and the future that Calvià wants
21 October 2015
Welcome Seminar Step in, Informal is normal?
The Deputy Mayor for Sports, Youth and Foreign Citizens, Eva Serra, and Israel Molina, Councillor Delegate for Youth, together with Toni Pozo of the Centre d'Estudis de l'Esplai, welcomed the participants.
21 October 2015
Opening of the Magaluf's new gymnasium
The opening of the Magaluf's new gymnasium, which is now in full force and at disposal of the users, was held on 19th October.
21 October 2015
Initial approval of fiscal bylaws
The Calvià Town Hall's extraordinary plenary has initially approved the modification of a series of bylaws which do not represent an increase of the tax burden.
19 October 2015
XII Calviā Chess Festival
The Deputy for the Balearic Islands, Pablo Martín, together with the Deputy Mayor for Sports, Eva Serra, has presented the XII Calvià International Amateur Open awards
18 October 2015
Citizen Participation Meetings
The Citizen Participation Department and the councillors of each of the areas of the municipality have already met with the associations of the said areas to inform them about the Participation's processes
17 October 2015
Arrival and podium Challenge Paguera 2015
Both, the Czech Filip Ospaly and the Spanish Sara Loehr Muñoz have been the winners of the Challenge Paguera-Mallorca 2015 edition
15 October 2015
Meeting with the Regional Minister for Education
The Calvià Town Hall informs the Regional Ministry of the necessity of improving the CEIP of the municipality.
13 October 2015
25 years spending the summer in Sta. Ponįa
The Calvià Town Hall has participated in the simple tribute paid to a German tourist, Peter Kerkes, who for 25 years has been spending his summer in Santa Ponça.
6 October 2015
Agreements for the tourist diversification II
The Calvià Town Hall signs collaboration agreements with the Hotelier Associations of the municipality for the use of sports facilities in the mid and the low seasons
5 October 2015
Calviā involved with the unemployed
The Town Hall will collaborate with the Association of Major Unemployed People for the Employment of the Balearics, and will join the initiatives started by the SOIB for over 45 year old unemployed people
3 October 2015
Participation of the Calvian in the PGOU
The Calvià Town Hall initiates an innovative process of participation in the revision of the PGOU. The citizens of the municipality will be able to participate actively during the process
3 October 2015
Youth meetings at the SEC of Calviā
The Calvià Town Hall presents the Programme of Youth Revitalisation and Participation 2015-2016 at the Secondary Education Centres of the municipality
2 October 2015
Calviā participates in the recuperation of the YC
The Councillor for Youth participates in the meetings of the Regional Government to initiate the Youth Council of the Balearic Islands' recuperation process
1 October 2015
European Prize for the IES Bendinat
The Education Good Practice Award 2015 is a prize which is presented evey year to recognise the creativity, originality and the innovation of the language teaching and learning methods.
1 October 2015
Justino Trenas, new Local Police Chief
The Mayor of Calvià has presented the new Local Police Chief whose mission is the introduction of the Community Police project in the municipality, amongst others
29 2015
Improvement of public paths
The Town Halls of Calvià and Puigpunyent will work jointly to improve the public paths which communicate both municipalities
29 2015
Meeting with the Neighbourhood Assoc. of El Toro
The Mayor of Calvià held a meeting with the representatives of the Neighbourhood Association of El Toro
28 2015
20th Anniversary of SOS Animal
The Calvià Town Hall recognises the work of the Foundation SOS Animal in its twentieth anniversary
28 2015
Tribute to the retired workers of the H. Villamil
The Mayor appreciated the work undertaken by the retired workers of the Hotel Villamil which has resulted in the good image of Peguera as a tourist destination
26 2015
Rotary Club 2015 Sponsored Walk
Great attendance of children, youths and adults at the Rotary Club Calvià International 2015 Sponsored Walk
25 2015
Announcement about Oh Limpia!
The Town Hall reaffirms the commitment with the continuity of the services provided by the public company and announces the start of conversations to progressively reach a maximum salary equalisation
23 2015
Meeting with the Foundation Rana
An awareness programme will be introduced to prevent mistreatment situations and child abuse
22 2015
Meeting with the Rector of the University (UIB)
The Town Hall will widen the collaboration with the University of the Balearic Islands
22 2015
Meeting with the British vice-consul
The Mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, has welcomed both, the British vice-consul in the Balearics, Gillian Brion, and the British vice-council in Mallorca, Elaine Brannan.
21 2015
Business Forum of the II Launcher of Calviā
The IFOC's manager, Darío Espallargas, has participated in the Business Forum of the second Employment and Solidary Entrepreneurship Launcher of Calvià.
21 2015
Citizen Participation's meeting
The Calvià Town Hall progresses towards the Citizen Participation with the exchange of experiences with other Spanish municipalities
20 2015
Calviā moves
Open Day in Calvià within the frame of the European Mobility Week 2015
19 2015
Calviā at the XI Plenary of the SFMP
The Mayor participates in the 11th Plenary of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces and will be part of the new Territorial Council, in representation of all the municipalities of the Balearic Islands
17 2015
Tourist Day 2015
The Calvià Town Hall joins the celebration of the Tourist Day 2015
17 2015
Meeting with the Dtor. Gral. for Transport
The Calvià Town Hall informs the Regional Government's Director General for Transport of the necessities of the municipality in matters of Public Transport.
16 2015
Naīf Parade
A show performed by the Circo Bover circus took place last Monday 7th September at the Sta. Ponça beach promenade.
16 2015
Final battle
The traditional Moors and Christians battle took place in Sta. Ponça last Saturday 12th September to commemorate the 786th anniversary of the landing of the 'rei en Jaume''s troops.
16 2015
Landing and parade
The traditional Moors and Christians battle took place in Sta. Ponça last Saturday 12th September to commemorate the 786th anniversary of the landing of the 'rei en Jaume''s troops.
16 2015
Holi Party
The coloured party of the Summer took place in Santa Ponça last Sunday 13th September.
16 2015
'Castellers' of Mallorca and 'Nit de foc'
An exhibition of 'castells' (human towers) took place last Tuesday 8th September in Sta. Ponça. After, a 'correfoc' (night of fire) prepared by the 'dimonis' (demons) from the Factoria de So took place.
15 2015
The Giants' gathering and traditional dancing
The 'XVI Trobada de gegants' (Giants' gathering) took place last Sunday 6th September within the frame of the rei En Jaume 2015 festivities.
15 2015
The Festes del rei en Jaume commemorative events
Last Thursday 10th September took place at the Cross of Sta. Ponça, the institutional event to commemorate the 786th anniversary of the landing on the island of the King En Jaume.
14 2015
The start of the UNIVERSITY BUS
The service allows the daily transport from Calvià to the University Campus to those students who study in the UIB (University of the Balearic Islands)
14 2015
Visit to the Justice of the Peace premises
The Mayor of Calvià visited, a few days ago, the Justice of the Peace of Calvià premises and its incumbent, Fernando Rodríguez, who explained him the activities udertaken by this department.
14 2015
Proposals for the GPUO and coast line protection
Agreement proposals of Calvià Town Hall to start the Revision of the GPUO process and to urge the extension of the Marine Reserves
12 2015
Meeting with ASDICA
The Town Hall guarantees the continuity of the collaboration with the Association of people with disability of Calvià
10 2015
Meeting at the Regional Ministry of Labour
The Town Hall commits to collaborate with the Regional Ministry of Labour to boost active employment policies.
9 2015
Calviā responsible and supportive
The Town Hall will reserve 10 OPH for people in situation of extreme necessity and for Syrian refugee. Also, a supportive channel of collaboration has been opened.
8 2015
Meeting with Citizen Participation
First meeting between the responsibles of this area of both Town Halls, Calvià and Palma, in which they have dealt aspects of technical and normative nature
8 2015
Restructuring of the Local Police of Calviā
The Calvià Town Hall opens a process of reorganisation of the Local Police, with the aim of progressing towards the Community Police. A call for a Police Chief post has been announced.
7 2015
Meeting with Meliá Hoteles
The Calvià Town Hall reiterates its commitment to promote the quality of the infrastructures and services of the area
3 2015
Meeting with Sport of the Consell de Mallorca
It has been a first contact to know the activities which both institutions undertake for the promotion of sport amongst children and youth
1 2015
Calviā: commitment to Education
The Mayor reaffirmed at the grants presentation event the commitment of the government team to education. 30 students of the municipality have entered in the Summer grants programme in private companies
30 August 2015
Inauguration of the street Cabo Juan García
It has been inaugurated with the presence of the Mayor and members of the government team and the Municipal Corporation, family, friends and colleagues.
28 August 2015
Youth Service
The councillor for Youth, Israel Molina, will attend the youth of the municipality every Tuesday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
27 August 2015
Meeting with the Regional Councillor for Territory
The Mayor thanks the institution's interest in collaborating with the municipality and passes over, amongst other matters, the necessity of giving a solution to the noise of Costa d'en Blanes highway.
27 August 2015
Calviā advances towards transparency
The Calvià citizens can have access for the first time, through the web, to the municipal organization chart and the public salaries of the political and managerial posts
26 August 2015
Joint operation of the Local Police and G. Civil
The Local Police of Calvià participates in a joint action in Magaluf with the Guardia Civil and inspectors of the Regional Government of the Balearic Islands
25 August 2015
Transparency Directors' Meeting
The Balearic Government and the Town Halls of Palma and Calvià promote the meeting in order to put in common projects, initiatives and experiences
24 August 2015
Meeting with the Artisans of Mallorca
Meeting of the Mayor with the representatives of the Association of Artisans of Mallorca
22 August 2015
IV Passejada per la Memōria
IV Passejada per la Memòria from Puigpunyent to Calvià
19 August 2015
Meeting with the Regional Minister for Tourism
The Mayor stated that it is essential a second tourist conversion and stressed the necessity of regulating the All Inclusive
18 August 2015
Visit to the Calviā 2000 premises
The Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal has first hand known, during his visit to the premises and infrastructures of Calvià 2000, the main investments of the municipal company.
13 August 2015
British police presentation
The Mayor of Calvià has attended the presentation that the Government Office made for the two British policemen that are these days in the municipality.
12 August 2015
Es Generador visit
The Mayor of Calvià was able to assess the activities and services that the Town Council's Youth Department carries out throughout the year.
10 August 2015
Meeting with UNICEF
The Mayor of Calvià held a meeting with representatives of UNICEF.
7 August 2015
Agreements for tourism diversification
Two agreements have been signed for the carrying out of two international sporting events, one of them organized by Stephen Roche who won the Giro d'Italia and the Tour de France in 1987.
5 August 2015
Meeting at the Regional Ministry for Tourism
The Deputy Mayor for Tourism, Commerce and Urban Planning meets the General Director for Tourism at the Regional Ministry.
5 August 2015
CIM Fire Station visit
The Deputy Mayor for General Services and Security visits CIM's Fire Station with the President of the Consell de Mallorca.
2 August 2015
Visit to the CEPA of Calviā
In the academic year 2014/15, 741 people have taken part in the courses, and 520 have completed their studies, out of which 63'29% are women.
1 August 2015
Promotion of public service workers
33 civil servants take up their new positions after successfully completing the internal promotion process.
30 July 2015
In Memory of D.Salvā and C. Sáenz de Tejada
The Municipal Corporation of Calvià in the ceremony in memory of Diego Salvà and Carlos Saenz de Tejada, commemorating the sixth anniversary of their death by terrorist attack.
28 July 2015
Meeting with the representatives of Oceana
The Mayor receives the petition of the Vice President of Oceana, Xavier Pastor, on extending Marine Reserves.
27 July 2015
Meeting with the Regional Minister for Tourism
The Mayor of Calvià suggests the Regional Government should eliminate free alcohol in all inclusive packages and thanks the Regional Minister for Tourism for his willingness to put the matter on the table.
24 July 2015
Calvia shoreline cleanup
The Mayor of Calvià thanks workers, collaborators and volunteers of the Seabed and Beaches Cleanup Programme in Calvià for their conservation efforts and awareness.
22 July 2015
Meeting with the president Armengol
The Mayor of Calvià forwards the necessity of regulating the all inclusive with quality standards to the president Armengol.
22 July 2015
Meeting of the Mayor with PIMECO
The Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal meets with the president of PIMECO. Commitment of the Town Hall with the traders to defend the regulation of the All Inclusive.
21 July 2015
Meeting with the School of Adults
The Mayor holds a meeting with the responsible for the School of Adults.
20 July 2015
II Employment Launcher of Calviā
The II Employment Launcher of Calvià promotes the Youth's labour insertion.
16 July 2015
Boosting Youth policies
The councillor Israel Molina held a meeting with the Youth Department's technicals and coordinators.
13 July 2015
New parking space at Palmira beach
Calvià Town Hall enables a parking space for people with reduced mobility at Palmira beach in Peguera.
13 July 2015
The Town Hall swims for the multiple sclerosis
The Calvià Town Hall shows its support with the Asociación Balear de Esclerosis Múltiple participating in the campaign MULLA'T in its 20th edition.
10 July 2015
Q for quality and blue flags in Calviā
Display of the 8 Q for quality flags and the 8 blue flags on the beaches of Calvià.
9 July 2015
Coordinators' Meeting
The councillor special delegate for the Citizen Participation Service, held a meeting with the coordinators of each area to expedite their actions.
9 July 2015
World Police and Fire Games
The representatives of Calvià in the World Police and Fire Games achieved 8 medals.
9 July 2015
Meeting of the Mayor with the ALFC
The Calvià Town Hall will improve the educational reinforcement services discounts for large families.
7 July 2015
The Town makes known its pictorial heritage with the exhibiton "Entre el gest i el pensament".
3 July 2015
Meeting of the Mayor with the G. Civil of Calviā
Meeting of the Mayor at the Guardia Civil of Calvià headquarters.
3 July 2015
Audience of the Mayor with the OCB of Calviā
The Mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, met this week with the President of the Obra Cultural Balear of Calvià.
1 July 2015
The Mayor meets with the CEIP directors
Alfonso Rodríguez Badal wanted to have first-hand information of the situation and the necessities of the centres.
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