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Calvi + 10

In 1994 Calvià Town Hall passed a new strategy to reorientate the local and touristic development in terms of sustainability. This new strategy is called Calvià + 10, in which the enviromental balance, both social and economic, is the keywordfor the future.

After four years of studying, investigating, participation and important proceedings, on 1 July1998 the extraordinary session of the Citizens Assesors Forum took place, where 10 lines of action were established and the challenge ofputting40 initiatives into action was assimilated.The municipal commitment was a revision every two years, of the indicators and the iniciatives that had been started by means of the revision of the Calvia Observatory.

Last June 2004 Calvia Town Hall signed its adhesion toCompromiseof Aalborg agreed at the Aalborg +10 Conference 2004. In this way Calvia renewed its international commitment to develop local sustainable policies and adopt its committments asagreed in Aalborg +10.These commitments consist of a development of a new Agenda Local 21 based on a new Action Plan that incorporates these commitments and a new, more participating method, integrating forums and meetings. Furthermore it is characterized by a programme of actions with concrete objects and a new indicating system that is simpler and easier to follow.

The results of Observatory 2001-2003of the sustainabilityin Calvia and the development of the initiatives of theAction Plan were presented at the Citizen's Forum of the Agenda Local 21 which took placelast18 January 2005and the public participation process was opened toassess the situation of the sustainability of the municipality as well as theassessment of thepriority level of the different initiatives proposed for the New Action Planof Calvia Agenda Local 21.

With the intention of reaching all the citizens of Calvia, we present two surveys thatwe are working on in the municipality in order to achieve a higherparticipation of the citizens in thecompiling of the New Action Plan.

Informationfor completion of theTests

  • On completingthetests it is essential that you show thename,surname andcontact telephone number of the interested party and send it to theOfficeof theAgenda Local 21 (Environment)by e-mail before 31 January. Also you may send it to the Town Hall and the Tourist Information Offices.
  • You must mark your evaluation on the shaded square.
  • It is necessary to complete all the thematic fields if you don't havesufficient information.

The analysisof the testsand the following work relating to the New Agenda Local 21and its ActionPlanwill be carried out in the WorkingParties. These Working Parties are open to allcitizens who are interested.

TheInscription for actively taking part in the Working Tablescan be done by calling the following number: 971130577.

TheWorking Tables are as follows:

  • Economic and Development Promotion (Tourism, Resort Facilities, New Technologiesandthe Rural World)
  • Society (Education,Training and Employment,Social Welfare and Human Rights, Education, Security, Sports, Culture, Citizen's Participation)
  • Environmental Surroundings (Urban Planning, Transport, Environment)