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Logotipo Ayuntamiento de Calvia
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Department of the Environment

The Environment Department of Calvia Town Hall offers different services motivated by the territorial richness of Calvia, coast, mountains, cultivation, forests, protected species.  Inside this diversity it should be pointed out that a large part of the services evolve or have as their object, the urban environment. 

Main activities

  • Integrated control of plagues (treatments, mosquitos, insects, rodentss, etc...).
  • Water and beach analysis.
  • Control of waste materials, sewage and contamination.
  • Fires and reforestation.
  • Natural spaces (Serra de Tramuntana, Serra de Na Burguesa, Cala Figuera, islets, marine reserves,...)
  • Protection of plants and wildlife.
  • Protection of the environment in the Territorial Planning.
  • Environmental education.
  • Environmental health and public health.
  • Ecological control of the urban surroundings.
  • Management and protection of domestic animals.
  • Campaign for the control of cats in the urban environment.
  • Programme of  rehabilitation of rural paths to promote our historical-artistic heritage, anticipating the use of these rural paths to connect strategic points of the municipality.
  • Extention of the ecological means to an institutional level and to the tourist sector.
  • Authorization for tree felling.
  • Authorization for burning rubbish.
  • Inspection of rubbish tips.
  • Inspection of rain water drains.
  • Revision of torrents
  • Revision of plots of land and buildings for health-hygienic conditions and for rainwater drains.
  • Reports and studies of an environmental impact.

Address: C/Major, 2 (07196) Es Capdellà 
Telephone: 971 130 577 - 971 130 868
Fax: 971 133 042
E-mail address:
In case of emergency please phone Calvia Police: tel. 971 00 33 00