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First aid workshops in nurseries


 Monday 4th February 2019

The staff of the ten nurseries in Calvià are trained in first aid and perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation practices

A total of 110 educators and cleaning and cooking staff learn how to handle the emergencies of infants, children and adults

In the last three months, specialised personnel of Civil Protection of Calvià has given basic first aid training in the ten public nurseries of the municipality. These are 3-hour sessions to attend infant, children or adult emergencies. The most common accidents that occur in the nurseries are wounds, falls and choking. However, the healing of an open wound is, the attention that they have to carry out more frequently.

Civil Protection also instructs on how to practice CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) with the use of mannequins. In total, there are 9 devices that simulate bodies of infants, children or adults and that have been made available to the 110 students who have been trained in recent months.
Depending on the age of the affected person, the rhythm of the cardiopulmonary massage and the strength that they have to perform are different.

CPR maneuvers can be vital in certain emergencies, such as the syndrome of sudden death in infants.

Both, Calvià nurseries staff and Civil Protection see it very necessary that this training is carried out annually, since every year there are new incorporations amongst the educational staff that takes care of the minors and the cleaning and cooking staff who work in these centres.

Civil Protection of Calvià also conducts first aid workshops in schools and public obligatory secondary education schools of the municipality. These trainings allow to act and take emergency measures that are applied until the affected person can receive adequate medical attention.