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The Rei En Jaume 2021 Awards are announced


Tuesday 13th April 2021


This year's theme focuses on the unknown Calvià, remote or difficult-to-access places

The recovered Rei En Jaume Awards are convened for the fourth consecutive year, this being its 19th edition. The purpose of the event is to promote artistic creation in different disciplines, promote the cultural activity of the municipality and make it known from various aspects: historical, geographical, recreational or natural. In the previous edition, the Comic and Theatre categories were incorporated into the existing one of Photography, which are maintained in this new call.

In each edition a theme is established with the aim of generating coherence and linkage between the different categories. For 2021, the chosen theme is "Unknown Calvià: remote urban spaces, natural hidden places on land and sea, unknown or difficult-to-access corners." The jury will especially value that the works present this common theme, either literally or metaphorically. The presence of ecological values, respect for the environment, sustainability or recycling, in a visual or argumentative way, will also be valued in the projects presented, complying with the Agenda 21.

The deadline for submission of the participating works in the Comic and Photography categories will be from 7th to 17th June. The deadline for presentation of the works participating in the Theatre category will be from 28th June to 8th July. Projects may be submitted by email, certified mail or transport agency.

To see the terms and conditions of the call, click on the picture

The endowments are as follows:
Rei En Jaume Comic Award:
1.200 € + publication of the work + 100 copies for the author/authoress.
Rei En Jaume Photography Award: 1.000 € + exhibition at the Town Hall
Rei En Jaume Theatre Award: 3.000 € + theatre residency + premiere with box office for the company.

During the last week of August, the exhibition's opening will take place, and the awards ceremony will take place within the Festes del rei En Jaume activities' programme.