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Balearskills FP tests at IES Calvią


Thursday 15th May 2021

The Hotel Reception tests enter for the first time in the Professional Training competition

The Balearskills tests were held this morning at IES Calvià, which, for the first time, include the Hotel Reception modality. The mayor, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, and the regional minister for Education and Vocational Training, Martí March, have attended the competition par excellence for Vocational Training students, which consists of taking different practical tests before a jury. The mayor has valued Vocational Training and has highlighted this type of competitions because "it is a competition that stimulates vocations and that explains outwardly that our main industry must train and trains."

As explained by the regional ministry of Education, Balearskills aim to promote and disseminate Vocational Training, as well as promote these studies and disseminate the good practices of students in educational centres and in society in general. In addition, within the framework of these competitions, the relationship between educational centres and companies is favoured and there is also an interesting meeting point between students, teachers and companies related to their sector.

The event was also attended by the deputy mayor for Education and Training, Olga Granados; the first deputy mayor, Nati Francés; the manager of the IMEB, Borja Martorell, and the regional ministry's general director of Professional Training and Artistic Education, Antoni Baos.