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Agreement with the Sonrisa Médica Association


Thursday 13th May 2021


The entity, with which the Town Hall has collaborated for a few years, will receive a 7.000 € grant to carry out its social work

Calvià Town Hall has signed a collaboration agreement with the Sonrisa Médica Association to carry out its social work by awarding a grant of 7.000 €. The agreement, with a duration of one year, has been signed by the mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, and by the Sonrisa Médica manageress, Marta Barrio.

This is the first time that Sonrisa Médica receives a nominative grant from the Town Hall. Previously there have been collaborations through the celebration of the 'Neula Parc' Christmas playground, the collection of which is awarded each year to two social entities.

Sonrisa Médica is a non-profit association committed since 1994 to the process of humanising the health environment through humour, music and magic, and that considers that contributing to the emotional state is crucial to face the disease. The entity works to make children and adolescents with diseases in a situation of admission to health centres smile, as well as to improve the life quality in the entire pediatric services field.

The entity promotes, organises, manages and develops different action programmes for children and adolescents with diseases in the health centres, helping them with humour, illusions and fantasy to alleviate their stay in the hospital facilities.

The signing ceremony was also attended, on behalf of the Town Hall, by the deputy mayor for Social Cohesion, Nati Francés; the councilwoman for Social Development, M. Carmen Rojano, and the general director for Social Development, Cristina Gamundí. And on behalf of Sonrisa Médica, the event was attended by María José Suárez, head of the project reuptake department.