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Marina's Critical Biological Area Cleanup


Tuesday, 15th June 2021


Red Cross volunteering carried out the action in collaboration with Calvià Town Hall and the Regional Ministry of Environment and Territory

The Environment and Ecological Transition service of Calvià Town Hall and Red Cross volunteers, with the collaboration of the Regional Ministry of Environment and Territory, have carried out in June a clean-up day in the Marina's Critical Biological Area in Magaluf.
In total, 165 kg of waste were collected, which were removed and weighed by the municipal public company Calvià 2000:

40 kg of waste
30 kg of packaging
95 kg of glass

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal; the deputy mayor and the councillor for Environment and Ecological Transition, Rafel Sedano and Marga Plomer, together with the Red Cross regional president, Toni Barceló, thanked the dozen volunteers from Red Cross and the technical staff of the Town Hall and the Regional Ministry of Environment, who participated in the clean-up day, for their work thanks to which 3 packaging containers, 2 glass containers and a large waste container were filled-up.

Rafel Sedano highlights the importance of this initiative that seeks, not only the cleaning itself of a place with a level of protection but the importance that this has regarding the biodiversity of the environment.

This action is part of the European campaign Let's Clen Up Europe 2021, and aims to clean this area of special biological interest in the municipality of Calvià and to raise public awareness on environmental protection issues with regards to the waste problem.

The European campaign Let's Clean Up Europe 2021 is a common action across the continent to raise awareness about the amount of waste that is thrown uncontrollably in nature and to promote its collection.