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Summer Classrooms and Workshops information

Tuesday, 22nd June 2021


Summer Classrooms
In order to reconcile work and family life, promote education in values, equality between men and women, social cohesion, tolerance, solidarity, respect for diversity, healthy lifestyle habits, promote responsible and environmental actions and work on aspects related to emotional education and the development of emotional competencies, the Calvià Town Hall, through the IMEB (Institut Municipal d'Educació y Biblioteques), subsidises the participation of residents in the Summer Classrooms that will take place in the different public schools of the municipality. For more information, please click here

Summer Workshops
Cycle of four workshops for boys and girls who have completed 6th grade by two social educators. Topics such as adolescence or social media will be treated with fun in a playful environment. The reservations will be made in order of registration until 30th June. For more information, please click here