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Authorization for change of a vehicle to the municipal licence of auto taxi

The titleholder of a municipal taxi licence can apply for the change of the vehicle registered to this licence, in the event of complying with the current regulations.

It is initiated at the petition of the interested party, presenting the relevant documents to the Transport Service of Calvia Town Hall. Subsequently they will make an inspection of the vehicle, and if they approve, they will authorize the change

handling costs:

Documents to present:
-Specific form duly completed.

- Photocopy of the technical card of the new vehicle.

- Photocopy of the municipal licence

- Permit of circulation

* At the same time you must present the vehicle for an on the spot inspection to ensure that it complies with the technical required demanded by the Regulations. The municipal technicians will check the following:

1.- Door colour of white with blue flash .

2. Official shield and name on the door

3. SP Plates (front and back)

4. Identifiction plate.

5. Green light showing for hire.

6. For hire sign.

7. Subsequent number.

8. Fire extinguisher

Applicable byelaw:
Municipal regulations of public transport services for the transport of passengers in private cars.