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Transfer of taxi licence

Requesting the transfer of the municipial taxi licence to another driver.

It is initiated by means of presentation of the documents in the Attention to the Citizen's Service. Subsequently the Transport Service will make a report that will be sent to the Municipal Council for approval and their decision will be communicated to the interested party.

handling costs:
The cost of carrying out the transfer is:

- Transfer in favour of none-family salary earners: 10% of the value of the transfer as laid down in the fiscal regulations.

- Transfer to family members: 300,51€.

- Transfer to spouse: no charge.

Documents to present:
- Specific form.

- Photocopy of ID of the licenceholder.

- Photocopy of ID of the salaried driver.

- Photocopy of the municipal Auto-Turism licence.

- Photocopy of the municipal permit of the driver.

- Photocopy of the monthly TC.2 for a year.

- Photocopy of the B2 driving licence.

- 2 passport sized photographs.

- If the transfer is to a family member, the relationship should be proved by means of a relevant document (family book).

- If the transfer is due to retirment of the titleholder of the vehicle, you should present the cancellation with the Seguridad Social.

- If the transfer is due to not being able to use the licence on a full time basis, you should prove this situation.

Applicable byelaw:
Municipal regulations of public transport services for the transport of passengers in private cars.