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'Calvią lo vale' campaign's second phase


Calvià, 8th January 2024


In total, Calvià residents have acquired 20.500 vouchers to buy in Calvià businesses

The promotion of the local economy closes with an impact of more than 410.000 euros

Calvià residents have shown a notable interest in the 'Calvià lo Vale' campaign, acquiring a total of 20.500 vouchers intended to encourage consumption in local businesses. The second phase of the initiative, which consisted of the issuance of 3.000 additional vouchers, was sold out in just ten days, generating a complementary economic impact of 60.000 euros. All together, this campaign is expected to have a total impact reaching 410.000 euros.

Calvià Town Hall has distributed a total of 20.500 vouchers, designed to encourage consumption in local businesses in the municipality. These vouchers, worth 10 euros each, can be exchanged until 31st March. The decision to expand the campaign with 3.000 new vouchers on 30th December, before the Three Kings festivity, was made because the 17.500 vouchers launched on 24th November were sold out quickly, in a record time of 18 days. The success of purchasing vouchers through the comerciocalvia.com platform covered the season of promotional events such as Black Friday and is expected to do so with the January sales as well.

Although there are still twelve weeks left until the end of the exchange period, the Town Hall celebrates and appreciates the positive response from citizens after the intense 'Calvià lo Vale' advertising campaign. Each resident over 16 years of age has had the opportunity to obtain up to four vouchers, each with a purchase value of 10 euros. These vouchers, redeemable at participating local businesses, allow citizens to buy double the face value, that is, 20 euros for each voucher. In other words, for a disbursement of 40 euros, residents can purchase products worth 80 euros in establishments participating in the campaign. The digital platform comercio.calvia.com provides information about participating businesses, where vouchers can be redeemed for the acquisition of goods and services until 31st March.