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Urban agenda develpment consultation

Monday, 27th May 2024


From the Calvià Town Hall we make available to citizens an online questionnaire to discover the citizen perception of the challenges and opportunities of the town, as well as to identify transformative strategic projects. During the next three weeks, the citizens and companies of Calvià will have the opportunity to participate in a public participation process through a questionnaire:  https://forms.gle/wvmjSqLVpFPxG3mT9

This is an important step in the diagnostic phase that is being carried out to prepare the new Urban Agenda of Calvià. The new urban agenda will be configured as an integrated and participated action plan, started from consensus with citizens and social agents, which will allow us to face economic, social and environmental challenges, putting people at the centre, and also caring for the planet and prosperity.

Through a simple questionnaire, participants will be able to give their opinion on aspects related to the social, economic, environmental and spatial dimension and express their opinions on which are the transformative and strategic actions and projects that should be promoted from the action plan of the Calvià Urban Agenda.

From the Town Hall we will be attentive to all the contributions that are collected, and based on the results we will continue to advance in the development of the Urban Agenda. The Calvià Urban Agenda will be “a key opportunity to address local challenges and opportunities with a focus on the different existing funding sources.”