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Rei En Jaume awards

Organized by the Department of Culture, Rei En Jaume Awards are divided into 9 categories: Plastic Arts, Plastic Arts Artists of Calvia, Comic, Investigation, Narrative in Spanish, Narrative in Catalan, Spanish Poetry, Catalan Poetry and  English Poetry.

As part of the Fiestas del Rei En Jaume during September, are the most prominent events of the contest: the Awards Ceremony Rei En Jaume, the Inauguration of the Exhibition of Fine Arts and the Inauguration of the Comic Exhibition.

Technical Manager: Natalia Ranieri.

Users of the Service: Everybody with training or interest in the world of plastic arts, literature and investigation.



PREJ '09 Comics. Daniel García

 PREJ '09 Story in Spanish. Jaime Molina García

PREJ '09 Story in Catalan. Josep Pastells


 PREJ '09 Poetry in Spanish. Cristina Fernández Recasens

PREJ '09 Poetry in Catalan. Albert Pijuan

 PREJ '09 Poetry in English. Anabel Torres


PREJ '09 Art from Calvià. Cristina Garriga Perramón  


PREJ '09 Art. Robert Ferrer i Martorell