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Find out about the creation of a land bank

Friday, 2nd March 2018


The Town Hall of Calvià has launched a project to study the feasibility of creating a land bank in the municipality.

A Land Bank is a database that registers, on the one hand, the potentially agricultural plots of land that are in a situation of abandonment and, on the other, people who are interested in working it. The Administration acts only as an intermediary between both parties, that is, it facilitates contact between them. The agreement between the owner of the land and the beneficiary is free.
The initiative, arising from a motion by the municipal group Esquerra Oberta, aims to recover abandoned agricultural land and, consequently, to recover the landscape and return old trades to the municipality that have gradually been lost. In addition, the occupation of agricultural lands contributes to the reduction of the negative impact on the environment, since it prevents fires and the pest spreading.

Now, from the Town Hall, steps to get the project going have began contacting owners of agricultural plots. Likewise, a space will be dedicated to promote the project at the information point of the Fira d'Oví i Caprí, which will take place on 24th and 25th March in Calvià.

People who are interested can also check the Town Hall's website. For more information and registration, contact bandreu@gmail.com The registration deadline is 15th April 2018.
The study of the Land Bank is carried out with the Young Qualified programme of the SOIB, which is carried out through the IFOC (Institute of Training and Employment of Calvià) and the co-financing of SEPE and the European Social Fund.