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II Prostitution Conference


 Thursday 13th December 2018


Mayor Alfonso Rodríguez Badal indicated that amongst all a reflection is necessary to tackle the prostitution phenomenon understood as violence exerted from a power position

The II Prostitution Conference, which this edition discusses and reflects on Prostitution and pornography, male privileges, focusing this time on the male figure, that is to say, on those men who pay to have the body of a woman, takes place today Thursday 13th December at the Sala Palmanova in Calvià.

In his welcome words, the mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, wanted to highlight that the Conference means a reflection with another look. He wanted to thank all those who work in Calvià at the interdisciplinary table of attention to prostituted people that he believes is facilitating this other look towards prostitution. In this sense, he pointed out that, amongst all, a reflection is necessary to tackle the phenomenon of prostitution understood as violence exercised from a position of power; and that it is convenient to focus on the men who believe they have the right to buy a woman's body.

He also pointed out that this reflection will mean a change of certain trends that have been established in society and that the look towards those who pay is appropriate, along with the need to think that society has to evolve in another way. The mayor has concluded his speech by stressing that there are social and political decisions that can help change these dynamics, and that the land he wants for us is the one that believes that a woman's body can not be a commodity.

The Prostitution Conference that takes place in Calvià, has the participation of feminist activists who are doing the different presentations. The first to intervene was Amelia Tiganus, member of Feminicidio.net, who offered a conference under the title "Prostitution is a masculine privilege and incompatible with gender equality".

After the conference opening, the director of the Institut Balear de la Dona, Rosa Cursach, presented the Autonomous Protocol which deals issues such as prostitution and girls and women trafficking for sexual exploitation in the Balearic Islands, together with Jaume Perelló and Susana Ortega, technical staff of IbDona, which has been developed throughout this year.

The following presentation was given by Mabel Lozano, film director, writer and activist in the fight against human trafficking, who spoke on "Men and prostitution: pimps." Mabel Lozano, authoress of El proxeneta, whose short film was presented today in Calvià, is one of the most active voices against women trafficking.

The II Prostitution Conference will continue this afternoon with ''Hablemos de putero'' by Towanda Rebels, Teresa Lozano and Zúa Méndez, who promoted the YouTube campaign against prostitution "Hola, putero". Next, the UIB professor, Lluís Ballester, will talk about the relationship between pornography and prostitution, youth and masculinity, and the deputy mayor for Social Cohesion and Equality, Nati Francés, will close the conference.

The "Tastades" theatre performance will be carried out by the company La lioparda teatre at 6.45 p.m.