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Waste decreases and selective collection rises


Friday 1st February 2019


The selective collection rises up to 24,38% of the total

Calvià 2000 collected more than 58,700 tons of waste last year

The weight of the waste collected by Calvià 2000 throughout 2018 has decreased by 2% compared to the previous year, reaching 58,717 tonnes, due to the decrease in rejection in this same proportion. As for the selective collection (glass, cardboard, packaging, organic, clothing and oil), its participation in the total of the municipal waste has increased, going from 23.98% to 24.38%.

As for the selective collection, the growth of light packaging (5%), organic packaging in hotels (5%) and glass (2%) has played an important role, according to the latest production report of the Environment Maintenance Department of Calvià 2000, public company responsible for the waste collection, road cleaning and sewage network of the municipality.

Importance of the hotel industry

The hotel industry in Calvià's waste production is very important, with this sector producing 32% of the glass produced in the municipality, 29% of the cardboard and 45% of the packaging. As for the organic fraction, which in 2018 reached 3,140 tons, so far it is only collected in hotels and then taken to the composting plant.

The complementary offer (bars, restaurants and trade) also stands out for its participation in the generation of glass (32%) and cardboard (25%).

The number of entries to the Deixalleria or green point rises 21%

As for the collection of bulky waste, both, those deposited in the Deixalleria or green point and those collected on public roads, it remains stable, as there is an increase in the junk collection and a decrease in the debris collection. This waste, which is taken to Mac Insular, reached a weight of 2,205 tons.

In addition to bulky waste, all kinds of waste can be taken to the Deixalleria. The acceptance of this deposit system is growing, and in 2018 it was reported 21% of more entries to the site, with a total of 10,507 entries.