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Presentation of 'Entorn' magazine


Monday 29th July 2019


The municipal publication of Calvià also delves into transversal aspects such as education, health or women

You can check the magazine on this link

A new issue of the 'Entorn de Calvià' monographic magazine entitled Esport and edited by the Calvià Town Hall was presented on Friday 26thJuly, at the Magaluf sports centre.

Issue 9 of the 'Entorn' magazine includes original articles made by technicians who review aspects such as school sports, the history of football, sports facilities or the relationship between the art world and sport. In addition, it offers interviews with significant people that have to do with the municipality and sports, such as the former rugby player Merche Batidor; the chess players Maria Lluïsa Viver and Carles Vich; or the karate experts Noelia Grau, Carlota Muñoz and Javitxu Lirio. Other topics, such as health, disability, the link between tourism and sport, sports and women, sports and youth, swimming, volleyball or mountain races, are also addressed. In a transversal way, athletics is the sport with the most presence in the magazine, since it is the sport discipline with more historical tradition.

During the event, the mayor of the municipality, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, stressed that the magazine meets the objectives of rigorously disseminating information about the municipality and, on this occasion, the living history of Calvià that has always boosted sport and its values. The athlete Joan Munar, who has written an article in the magazine, also intervened in the presentation with the contribution of his personal story about his sports career.

In fact, the 'Entorn de Calvià' magazine, in addition to giving space to experts' documentaries, there is an increasing presence of first-person stories so that the athletes themselves offer their point of view, since sport can be explained especially from the personal experience.

'Entorn' magazine, which has been published since 2013, dedicates each issue to a specific topic and most of the writing and content is carried out by expert civil servants of the Calvià Town Hall. In addition, it has external collaborations of specialists in the field, entrepreneurs or prominent athletes. Thus, in the previous editions they have focused on the environment, art, territory architecture, gastronomy, cinema, tourism, women and the sea.

The event, enlivened by the 'Marino e Marini' group, was attended by members of the Municipal Corporation of Calvià, as well as the Insular Councillor for Tourism and Sports, Andreu Serra, and the Insular Director of Sports, Marga Portells.