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Works and Services Plan Agreement Signing


Thursday 20th February 2020

Agreement for the improvement of public lighting efficiency

The mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, has signed the collaboration Agreement between the Consell de Mallorca and the Town Hall aimed at making improvements in municipal services and infrastructure. Within the framework of this agreement, the Consell de Mallorca has granted an amount of 138.361,73 euros to Calvià that will be dedicated to improving the efficiency of public lighting of the municipality of Calvià 2019 to 2020. With this action, it is intended an energy efficiency improvement in the municipality.


The island administration grants the Works and Services Plan subsidies according to the population and urban centres that each municipality has. With regards to the new call, the Consell enables 10 million for the years 2020 to 2021, of which 295.028,48 euros will correspond to Calvià (147.514,24 euros + 147.514,24 euros). Thus, the Consell de Mallorca makes the biennial call so that municipalities can have the money well in advance to plan the projects.