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Biodibal agreement between Town Hall and UIB

Wednesday, 8th July 2020


The agreement will make known the municipality's biodiversity and access to the database for the technical use of the different municipal departments

The Calvià Town Hall and the Balearic Islands University (UIB) have signed a collaboration agreement that implies the municipality's adherence to the BIODIBAL project. The Agreement has been signed by Alfonso Rodríguez Badal, Mayor of Calvià, and Dr. Llorenç Huguet, Rector of the University of the Balearic Islands. The event was also attended by Rafel Sedano, Deputy Mayor for the Environment and Ecological Transition of the Calvià Town Hall; Luís Vegas, manager of the Fundació Universitat-Empresa of the Balearic Islands; Dr. Samuel Piña, researcher and director of Biodibal; Dr. Jordi Llabrés, Vice-Rector for Innovation and Institutional Relations at the UIB, and Francisco Giménez, General Director of Sustainable Development at Calvià.

The Universitat de les Illes Balears, through the Interdisciplinary Ecology research group, and Red Eléctrica de España have developed BIODIBAL, a digital platform dedicated to biodiversity and nature tourism. For the Calvià Town Hall, supporting the BIODIBAL project involves organising all the information available on biodiversity on the website, highlighting biodiversity, carrying out environmental education activities, as well as transforming the information compiled into a free public access service for all.

For the BIODIBAL project, collaboration with the Town Hall involves improving the quality of the project information from local public databases, and improving the ability to reach the maximum number of visitors from the municipality of Calvià interested in the world of biodiversity and nature. Furthermore, the UIB, through the BIODIBAL project, managed by the FUEIB, will carry out exhaustive work to record and improve access to information on biodiversity present in the municipality of Calvià. With this information an area will be enabled on the platform where information on the biodiversity present in the municipality, on the diversity in the different routes and spaces agreed with the Towhn Hall, as well as the development of specific projects or in collaboration with other entities that involve an improvement and increase in the information collection on biodiversity.

At the same time, a whole series of environmental education activities will be carried out aimed at students in early childhood, primary and secondary education, as well as the rest of the citizens of the municipality. The Town Hall will make available to the University access to the information on biodiversity at its disposal, to make it accessible to citizens, provided it is not sensitive due to conservation reasons.

BIODIBAL is currently the platform with the most information on the distribution of species in the Balearic Islands. This collaboration agreement will allow the Calvià Town Hall to have an analysis of the biodiversity present in the different hiking routes in the municipality to promote nature tourism and walking. As a result of the collaboration, six environmental education activity-workshops will be carried out aimed at raising awareness of biodiversity and promoting the practice of citizen science amongst people living in the municipality and, especially, in schools.



Statements by the Mayor of Calvià, Alfonso Rodríguez Badal

Statements by the rector of the University of the Balearic Islands, Llorenç Huguet

Statements by the Deputy Mayor for the Environment and Ecological Transition of the Calvià Town Hall, Rafel Sedano

Statements by the researcher and director of Biodibal, Samuel Pinya