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Sa Rua de Calvią 2022


Saturday 26th February 2022


After a magnificent almost spring afternoon, Sa Rua de Calvià! was celebrated today Saturday. The streets of the village have been filled with people, colours, music and fun thanks to the almost 600 participants. The prizes have been distributed in three categories: individuals and couples (2 participants), groups (9) and floats (6).

With most of the groups accompanied by lively music and choreographies, the members of the jury were pleasantly surprised. They have been accompanied, animating the parade, by the Mandanga 'xaranga' and the 'batucada', which closed the parade with its drums.

The large number of people attending have non-stop cheering-up the participants at all times, turning Sa Rua de Calvià, once again, into a great participatory and very fun party.

The prizes have gone to:

1st FLOATS €700 - Alicia en Calvià
nd FLOATS €550 - Magical Fantasy
rd FLOATS €410 - Papallona Santa Ponça
th FLOATS €320 - Salvemos el Amazonas
th FLOATS €230 - Joc de sa Sipi
th FLOATS €170 - Lolailo Playmobil

1st GROUPS €700 - Magalaxia
nd GROUPS €550 - Las Maravillas de Son Ferrer
rd GROUPS €410 - Yogurt Panter
th GROUPS €320 - Angry Rainers
th GROUPS €230 - Caporales
th GROUPS €170 - Extraterrestres Ses Quarterades

1st INDIVIDUAL – 4 tickets Beauty and the Beast – Pop Corn
nd INDIVIDUAL – 4 registrations for the Cultural Centres workshops – El Oso de Cádiz

SPECIAL ANIMATION PRIZE: €300 - Salay Mallorca

The jury has been formed by:
Pedro Pons. Born in Inca and resident in Calvià for more than 40 years, a computer scientist by training and profession (now retired) and a culture and art lover in any of its manifestations. He practices painting, sculpture, drawing and photography, with numerous exhibitions, both collective and individual. He currently has an exhibition at the Casal des Capdellà with an exhibition of all these activities. In addition, he writes poetry, novels and short stories. At the end of 2021 he published a book of poetry and stories,“Hasta que ya no duela”.

Carla Arias Farren. Born in Santa Ponça, Calvià. She began training in the theatre workshops of Calvià Town Hall and later she continued her performing arts studies in Madrid. There she graduated in Fine Arts and Audiovisual Communication. Subsequently, she has continued her artistic practice researching around painting, performance and installation. She has made several individual and collective exhibitions. She is currently dedicated to teaching as a high school art teacher and is a painting teacher in the Calvià cultural centres workshops.

Antoni Rubio. Calvian by birth, he studied dramatic art in Barcelona to dedicate himself professionally to puppet theatre. He won the first Art Jove Balears award for playwriting in 2005 and was a finalist with his own monologue in the performance category the following year. He has lived seven and a half years in Japan where he has participated in the Iida (Nagano) International Puppet Festival and has appeared in more than 50 TV shows, movies and commercials.

They have met as soon as the parade has finished and, after much thought, they have chosen the winners of this edition, based on the dances, clothing and originality, as well as the desire to have fun. A total of €5,060 in cash prizes and prizes in kind have been awarded. 4 tickets for the children's musical the Beauty and the Beast and 4 registrations for the children's workshops at the Cultural Centres.